Tunes of the Munster Pipers, Volumes 1 & 2

Volume 1:

James Goodman (1828-1896) from the Dingle area of West Kerry, a Canon of the Church of Ireland, Professor of Irish in Trinity College Dublin, and an accomplished performer on the Irish or uilleann pipes, compiled a highly important manuscript collection of Irish traditional music in the 1860s. Drawn to a great extent from the oral tradition of Munster, and partly from other manuscripts and printed sources, the collection has now been published for the first time.

This first volume of over 500 song airs and dance tunes, edited by Dr Hugh Shields from the manuscripts, contains all the melodies which Goodman himself noted down from the pipers and other performers of his native province, together with an essay on his life and career based on new research. These tunes provide musicians and scholars with a unique body of Irish music from the south-west region and give unrivalled insights into the traditional music and song of Irish-speaking pre-Famine Ireland.

Dr Hugh Shields (1929-2008), Fellow Emeritus of Trinity College Dublin and former Senior Lecturer in French in the college, collected and studied traditional music from the 1950s, especially in Ireland and with particular emphasis on Ulster. He published many articles and sound recordings on the subject, and his Shamrock, Rose and Thistle: Folk Singing in North Derry (1981) and Narrative Singing in Ireland: Lays, Ballads, Come-All-Yes and Other Songs (1993) are standard works.

Reprinted 2016.

Volume 2:

This important book publication from the Irish Traditional Music Archive completes a two-volume edition of the manuscript collection of Irish music written by Canon James Goodman in the 1860s and preserved in the Library of Trinity College.

The volume contains 536 song airs, dance tunes and other forms, along with extensive documentation. Goodman's tunes provide a unique insight into the musical traditions of the Irish-speaking southern regions of pre-Famine Ireland. The first volume of the edition, edited by Hugh Shields in 1998, contained 515 tunes obtained by Goodman from ‘Munster pipers &c.’.This second volume includes all other Goodman melodies from oral sources, along with unpublished melodies from manuscripts to which he had access; it omits those copied from printed sources. It is accompanied by a substantial online index of research information on the whole Goodman collection.

James Goodman (1828-896), a native of Dingle, Co Kerry, was a canon of the Church of Ireland and Professor of Irish at Trinity College Dublin. But he is now chiefly known as the complier of an outstanding manuscript collection of some 2,300 traditional tunes held in the Library of the college.

Dr Hugh Shields (1929–2008), a native of Belfast, was Senior Lecturer in French in Trinity College Dublin and a Fellow of the college. He collected, studied and published traditional song and music from the 1950s. Lisa Shields, a player of concertina and uilleann pipes, is a graduate in modern languages from TCD. She is former Librarian of the Irish Meteorological Service. Product Type:  Book

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