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Listen to songs, music & stories. View photos of the people & places. Meet the singers & musicians from Ship Cove, Patrick’s Cove, St Bride’s, and Branch. This interactive map of the Cape Shore is a great way to start navigating your way around the outports of this short stretch of Newfoundland’s coastline.


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Transcript of 'The Blackwaterside' as sung by Caroline Brennan / Aidan O'Hara

The Blackwaterside, song (Ye lads of this nation of low and high station, I pray pay attention and listen to me …)A typed transcript based on Aidan O'Hara's field recording, with annotations and corrections by the collector.

Dear old Newfoundland

Gerald Campbell

Dear old Newfoundland / Gerald Campbell

Dear old Newfoundland, song (Twas just a year ago today I left my Emerald's Isle …) Originally recorded by John Barr (also known as Little John Cameron) in 1967 under the title “Tribute to Newfoundland,” this song is an account of the similarities between Ireland and Newfoundland. The melody is similar to that used by Ewan MacColl for his song, “Come my little son.”

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Step dancing in Branch, The Forgotten Irish / Aidan O'Hara

Gerald Campbell plays singles on harmonica while John Hennessy step dances in Dermot Roche’s kitchen. This sequence featured in The Forgotten Irish documentary. The Forgotten Irish television documentary first broadcast on 17 March 1981 in celebration of the Irish living overseas on St Patrick’s Day. The Radharc documentary film series includes over 400 films dealing with issues of human rights, injustice, faith, religion, persecution, struggles against oppressive regimes, famine, and Christian heritage.  With thanks to RTÉ Archives for granting permission to exhibit this clip from The Forgotten Irish. To view the entire documentary, visit

Just before the battle, mother

Ellen Emma Power

Just before the battle, mother / Ellen Emma Power

Just before the battle, mother, song (Just before the battle, mother, I am thinking most of you …) Composed by George Frederick Root, the sheet music for this song was originally published in Chicago in 1863. It was quite popular during the American Civil War, particularly among Unionist soldiers. 

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Vincent Roche with Sean, Conor and Brian O'Hara / Aidan O'Hara

Vincent Roche with Sean, Conor and Brian O'Hara / Aidan O'Hara

Aidan O'Hara's three young sons being pushed in a wheel barrow by Vincent Roche (son of Dermot Roche) through the yard at the Roche family house in Branch.