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Listen to songs, music & stories. View photos of the people & places. Meet the singers & musicians from Ship Cove, Patrick’s Cove, St Bride’s, and Branch. This interactive map of the Cape Shore is a great way to start navigating your way around the outports of this short stretch of Newfoundland’s coastline.


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Ship's Cove

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Step dancing in Branch, The Forgotten Irish / Aidan O'Hara

Gerald Campbell plays singles on harmonica while John Hennessy step dances in Dermot Roche’s kitchen. This sequence featured in The Forgotten Irish documentary. The Forgotten Irish television documentary first broadcast on 17 March 1981 in celebration of the Irish living overseas on St Patrick’s Day. The Radharc documentary film series includes over 400 films dealing with issues of human rights, injustice, faith, religion, persecution, struggles against oppressive regimes, famine, and Christian heritage.  With thanks to RTÉ Archives for granting permission to exhibit this clip from The Forgotten Irish. To view the entire documentary, visit

The northeast gale

 Denis McGrath

The northeast gale / Denis McGrath

The northeast gale, song (Ye hardy sons of Newfoundland pay attention to my song ...) Composed by Walt Young, this song tells the story of a gale that arose off the coast of Newfoundland on 18 June 1906. Several fishing craft from Placentia Bay that were fishing off Cape St Mary’s were caught in the storm and men were lost at sea.

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Transcript of '[Fain Waterloo]' as sung by Caroline Brennan / Aidan O'Hara

Fain Waterloo, song (It happened to be on a fine dewy morning …) A typed transcript based on Aidan O'Hara's field recording, with annotations and corrections by the collector.

My boy Willie

John Joe English

My boy Willie / John Joe English

My boy Willie, song (The sailing trade is a weary life …) This English broadside ballad is also known as “The sailor boy” or “Sweet William.” It is widely anthologised and recorded, with variant versions transforming Willie from a sailor to a lumberjack. It recounts the pain of a woman who is left behind when a loved one goes to sea and dies far from home.  This song was among John Joe English’s favourite songs.

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Denis Nash dances while Frankie Nash plays the whistle in Branch, Newfoundland, ca. 1976/77 / Aidan O'Hara

Denis Nash dances while Frankie Nash plays the whistle in Branch, Newfoundland, ca. 1976/77 / Aidan O'Hara

Denis Nash dancing while Frankie Nash plays the whistle. Keith Roche and his wife Dorothy (‘Dot’) look on, ca. 1976–77. Keith is the son of Dermot Roche and Dot is the sister of Eta Nash.