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Hand-written sheet music to The Humours of Purteen

Mapping the tunes: A Journey through Placenames in Irish Music

ITMA has added a selection of traditional Irish tunes as a further layer on the Heritage Maps website ( from the Heritage Council.

“Local placenames are much in use ... one extremely common usage must be noted, that with the word 'humours'. Always with the plural and denoting character, mood, exuberance of spirit, the word is only used in combination with a placename and always precedes it. There are hundreds of examples.”

Folk music and dances of Ireland, 1971, p. 52

“It is a public resource for Irish people at home and abroad, and for all those who appreciate the rich heritage of Irish placenames.”

“It is a great achievement to have this milestone at hand. Traditional music is community based and has very strong local links. This makes it ideal for mapping and we are delighted to begin our explorations in this area with the Heritage Council. We look forward to developing this idea further in the years ahead”

Liam O'Connor, ITMA Director