Heritage Week 2020 at ITMA: Mapping the Tunes

ITMA is marking Heritage Week by focusing on a new collaborative project with the Heritage Council - mapping a selection of traditional music tunes on the Heritage Maps website www.heritagemaps.ie



The Heritage Maps digital map of Ireland plots a range of Ireland's built, cultural and natural heritage points. The points are arranged in searchable layers on the map. 

To access the Traditional Music layer you must open the HeritageMaps site http://www.heritagemaps.ie separately and then follow the steps below.

Please note the images and text below are for guidance only, they are not live links to the HeritageMaps site. We suggest you keep two tabs open one to search live and one with the ITMA guidance notes.

1. Accept the Data Use Agreement

2. Click on the large centred HeritageMaps image

3. A map of Ireland will be revealed with a LAYER LIST. The layer list shows the range of built, cultural and natural heritage points available to search. 

4. Select the layer MUSEUMS, ARCHIVES & COLLECTIONS and scroll to the bottom where you will find 'Irish Traditional Music Archive - 'The Humours of ...'

5. Select and click the ITMA Humours of option. The map will then populate with music clef symbols. Each music clef symbol represents a plotted tune.

6. Close the layer box to leave the full map on the screen available to search.

7. Zoom in and out using the  +- keys at the top right and/or your device's functionality.

8. Each clef symbol further expands to reveal an information box about each tune with further links to explore, including  links to:

PLAY TUNE using the ITMA interactive score following/tune learning facility



Mapping the Tunes: a Journey through Placenames in Irish music

For information on how this project developed and what went on under the bonnet, the Heritage Council Mapping Project Co-Ordinator at ITMA, Treasa Harkin has written a blog about working with Heritage Maps staff to plot the 'The Humours of ...' tunes on the digital map.