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Fiddle & Accordion Manuscripts of Pádraig O’Keeffe, 1940s–1960s

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Pádraig O’Keeffe Manuscripts. Book One. Fiddle

Sweet Donoughmore, air — Leather away the wattle o, polka — Rules [article] — Figure system [article] — Rising of the moon, march — Munster bank, polka — Fáinne geal an lae, air — Three little drummers, jig — Mary in the wood, polka — Sailors [hornpipe?] — Father Jack Walsh, jig — Lanigans ball, jig — Untitled, slide — Untitled, polka — Untitled, slide — The harvest home, hornpipe — Untitled, polka — Jacksons morning brush, jig — Untitled, polka — Untitled, polka — Loch Lomond, air — Lowlands of Holland, air — Off to California, hoprnpipe — Untitled, jig — Danny boy, air — Untitled, polka — Boys of Bluehill [hornpipe] — Blackberry blossom, reel — Star of Munster, reel — Jimmy mo mhíle as tor, or, Driharreen og machree, air — Fermoy lasses, reel — Liverpool, hornpipe — Fr O’Flynn, jig — Untitled, polka — Untitled, slide — The West’s asleep, air — An coulin, air — O’Rahilly’s grave, air — An coulin, air — Untitled, hornpipe — Untitled, reel — Untitled, jig — Rodney’s glory, long dance — Pigeon on the gate, reel — Irish washerwoman, jig — Star of Munster : 2nd part, reel — Dunphy’s Hornpipe — The rose in the heather, jig — An lon dubh, long dance — O’Sullivan’s jig — Miss McCleod’s reel — Untitled, polka — Untitled, slide — Rose in the heather, jig —

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