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Old Dublin songs / edited by Hugh Shields

Introduction — Weavers’ Lamentation, The [song: words only] — Kilruddery Hunt, The [song: music and words] — New Love Song, A [song: words only] — Skewball [song: music and words] — Combat Between an Ale Wife and a Sea Crab, A [song: music and words] (air: Gentlemen’s Frolic) — Tryal and Condemnation of the Sea Crab, The [song: words only] — Dublin Privateer, The [song: words only] — Dublin Baker, The [song: music and words] — Dublin Tragedy, The [song: music and words] — Unfortunate Merchant’s Daughter, The [song: music and words] — Miss King of Dublin [song: music and words] — Country Recruit’s Description of the Military, The [song: music and words] — New Song on the Police Guards, A [song: words only] — May Bush, The [song: words only] — Humours of Donnybrook Fair, The [song: music and words] (air: Ballinafad) — Spider Kelly [song: words only] (air: Patsy Fagan) — Hannah Healy the Pride of Howth [song: music and words] (air: Ligelaw) — Bean an Fhir Ruaidh [song: words only] — Phenix of Fingal, The [song: words only] [Phoenix] — Catherine Skelly [song: words only] — Willy O [song: music and words] — Seducer Outwitted, The [song: music and words] — Sally and Johnny [song: music and words] — Tied my Toes to the Bed [song: music and words] — Dublin Jack of All Trades, The [song: words only] — True Lovers’ Trip to the Strawberry Beds, The [song: words only] — New Tramway, The [song: music and words] — Herring, The [song: music and words] — Notes — References and Abbreviations