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PW Joyce on dance

Patrick Weston Joyce, in addition to his major contribution to the preservation and dissemination of Irish traditional instrumental music and song, has also made an important and seminal contribution to our knowledge of Irish traditional dance.

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Cailín a Tighe Mhóir. The Girl of the Great House.

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Cailín a Tighe Mhóir. The Girl of the Great House.

Hop Jig

The Hunt.

Loch Aillinne. Lough Allen.

A Munster Jig—Name unascertained.

Aon is dó na píobaireachta. The one and two of Pipering.

George Petrie manuscript transcription

The Petticottee Jig,—an Ancient Munster March and Jig-tune.

The Pipe on the Hob.

A Social History of Ancient Ireland

Tatter the Road.

b’Fearr liomsa ainnir gan gúna. I would rather have a Maiden without a Gown.