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PW Joyce’s Ballad Sheets in Dublin City Library & Archive

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Ballad Sheet Scrapbook I: part I

A new song in praise of O’Sullivan’s grand coach — In praise of the Mountain Lass and her former master, David Costello / by T. Walsh, Limerick — A new song called the — Susheen Bawn — The banks of Killaloe — The lad that is fond of the lasses — The bold deserter — A much admired song : the rocky road to Dublin — [Indecipherable]’s new song, Paudheen Rhu, or a tinker’s travels — The Kerry recruit — John Hores repentance — A new song called the sporting youth — Paddy Hegarty’s leather breeches — The sportnig [sic] ‘bs of Paddy’s land — The flowers of Edinburgh — A much-admired song called faugimid suid mar a tha shea — Patrick Keane, the tailor; or, the breeches — Sweet Castle Hyde — The rambler from Clare — A dream of Napoleon — John O’Dwyer-a-Glana — The red-haired man’s wife — The shamrock shore — A new song called the Kerryman’s rambles — Brennan on the moor — The [general] fox chase — The farmer’s boy — Drahareen o ma chree — O’Reilly’s frolics — A new song called the dear and darling boy — The big beggarman — Rocking the cradle — Erin go bragh — McKenna’s dream — The Kerryman’s ramble to the County Tipperary — Song called the bouchleen dhoun — A favourite song called coleen bawn — The true lover’s lamentation — The maid that sold her barley — The banks of Claudy — Young Roger that follows the plough — An admired song called Youghal harbour — The Enniskillen dragoon — The dear Irish boy — The jolly young plough boy — The young man’s address to his sweetheart — An admired song called young Molly Bawn — The constant lover and her sailor boy — The river roe — The drinan dhun — The dear Irish maid — Sweet colleen rhue — A much-admired song called the golden apple — Colleen dhas crutha na mho — The girl I left behind me — A new song called the bargee heroes — A much-admired song called Nancy, the pride of the East — Maid of Lismore — The green mossy banks of the Lee — Maid of Tralee (English) — Maid of Tralee (Irish) — The sweet silver-light bonny moon — A new song, entitled the phoenix of the hall — A new song by Deny O’Sullivan — The banks of sweet Loughrea — A new song called the Irish courtship — Shule agrah — The royal black bird — A new song called Granuaile — The bold and undaunted youth — Father Murphy, or the Wexford men of ‘98 — The emigrant’s farewell — A much-admired song called the Irishman’s farewell to his country—bound for America — A favourite song called shan van vought’s farewell to Ireland — The great elopement to America — A lamentation on the execution of Denis Dillane who was executed on the 13th of April, for the conspiracy of Mr. Fitzpatrick / composed by T. Walsh — The words of James Walsh some days before his execution / by James Flynn — Lamentation of the two McCormacks — The true lover’s lamentation — A new song called the Tramore lass — The maid of Lough Gowna shore — A dialogue between a labourer & schoolmaster — Bundle and go / Billy O’Rourke — A new song in praise of the Limerick militia / by James Flynn — Suid mar cahasa fein mola / composed by Eugene O’Sullivan — The two loyal lovers — The days when I was hard up — The glorious victory of Major O’Reilly, Member of Parliament, for the County Longford / by P. J. Fitzpatrick — The downfall of Garibaldi — A new song called I’m a janius — Lament of the emigrant — The cavalier — New lights of Askeaton — The ship Niagara — The lovely sweet banks of the Suir — A new borg called the flourishing states of Kilmurry — A few [sic] song called the maid of Rrth [sic] keale — Mourneen na grouga bauna — The wonders of the world — ‘Tally ho! Hark away — A new so[n]g called the twig of Sheallagh! — The soldier’s dream — My boughleen dhoun — Breenan on the [f]loor — A new song called a dialogue between the death & the rake / written by T. T. Cremin — A new song on the dreadful engagement, with a tremendous loss of Irish in America — A new song on the procession to lay the foundation stone, of the O’Connell monument / written by a patriotic Protestant — A new song called shove around the jug — A new song called Sallys lament for her hat and crinoline! — Paddy you’re the devil, or, a parody on Willy, we have missed you — Heenans challenge to mace — Mournful verses — The Ir [torn page] — My Emmet’s no more — A new song called St. Patrick’s morning — A lamentation on the execution & declaration of Thomas Welsh, for the cruel murder of his son-in-law’s grandfather [song cut out] — Duffy’s advice to his country — A favourite comic song called Pat Molloy

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