By Gregory Daly

Photographs by James Fraher

Published by Bogfire, this book contains biographies along with black and white photographs featuring over one hundred traditional musicians from counties Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon and Mayo. Through the author’s unique personal and musical connection to the musicians of the North Connacht region, he uses a conversational interview style to draw out their stories, revealing both the individual and collective experience within that tradition.

Musician/writer Fintan Vallely states in the book foreword:

“As the story of the music self-identity of this region is tenderly revealed through a respectful, unhurried text and clear, contemplative images, the reader slips into step with the mutually complementary, researched, written words and the eye of the camera.”

Bogfire, 2021. ISBN: 978-1-8382240-0-4
Product Type:  Book

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