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Jackie O'Riley and Joey Abarta

Compositions by Jackie O’Riley

Saothar Composer May 2023

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Follow me up to Carlow [comp. Jackie O'Riley], dance

I’ve loved this tune since I first heard Joey play it as a single jig. To my ear, the rhythm sits somewhere between the dance “Singletime” and hornpipe timing. I’d been loosely thinking of steps for this melody for a few years, but finally sat down and solidified the dance in the early months of the pandemic. I wanted to put a consistent structure on the steps and also use a smaller vocabulary, so that it would be easier to share and dance with others. I enjoy this dance because the steps physically feel good to me! I hope you enjoy it as well.

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Follow me up to Carlow [comp. Jackie O'Riley], dance

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Transcriptions of the tunes played for the dances / Jackie O'Riley ; Joey Abarta