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Tablature notation for guitar

Traditional Irish classical guitar?

Darren Loughran is a guitarist and is studying for an MA in Musicology and Performance in Maynooth University. He has researched and presented this guest blog as part of his coursework.

Liam O’Flynn, Ceoltóir na Bliana 2007 / TG4 photographer

“When Liam O'Flynn plays the uilleann pipes he creates a forcefield which surrounds his listeners and seems to envelop them in something almost mesmeric.”

From an interview with John Kelly in the Irish Times, Saturday, 6 June 1998

“This tune concerns a cantankerous and unpredictable piece of electronic equipment which belongs to that great musician and friend Arty McGlynn. On more than one occasion on stage it has caused its owner great distress and the rest of us great amusement. So, when it went missing after a trip abroad all seemed safe and well. But unbelievably, it re-appeared soon after - delivered safely home by a returning musician. A new tune seemed the only response!”

Liam O'Flynn

Return of the pedalboard [comp. Liam O'Flynn], jig / Darren Loughran, guitar

The piper's stone [comp. Liam O'Flynn], jig / Darren Loughran, guitar

Liam O’Flynn, uilleann pipes, 1977 / Joe Dowdall

“All rational development of music depends on due attention to the character of the music and the nature of the instruments being used; the former teaches us what is advisable and the latter what’s possible! We should be guided by “the rational development of music. The exercise of good taste, common sense respect for the tradition. Also, an understanding and respect for the emotional spirit of the music.”

Liam O'Flynn