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Bernard Gallagher, Mary Gallagher (née Peoples), Tommy Peoples

Chapter Two: Becoming Tommy Peoples

Illustration | Libby McCrohan

“I left the area where I grew up in 1965 and moved to Dublin. My sister Mary was already employed in the civil service in Dublin when I went there. We would meet regularly. I would stay with her occasionally when changing accommodation, employment or whatever.”

Tommy Peoples
Bernard Gallagher, Mary Gallagher (née Peoples), Tommy Peoples | Peoples, 2015

Scoil Trad Recordings. Dublin years / Tommy Peoples, speech in English

“I had not brought a fiddle with me on leaving Donegal. When in Dublin a couple of weeks, I unknowingly walked into John Kelly’s shop as I had seen tin whistles in the window and wanted to buy one. The outcome was that I was informed about sessions in Church Street and the old Piper’s Club in 14 Thomas Street. I spent many a happy time at these weekly sessions and can recollect many of the people I met there with love and wonderment that I should meet such people.”

Tommy Peoples
John Kelly's Capel Street storefront

Scoil Trad Recordings. 1691 group, speech / Tommy Peoples, speech in English

The Peoples family