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The cover of the 1936 book Leo Rowsome's Tutor for the Uileann Pipes

Leo Rowsome’s 1936 Uilleann Pipes Tutor now freely available online

20th September 2020 marked the 50th anniversary of the death of renowned uilleann piper, advocate, maker, performer & teacher Leo Rowsome (1903-1970).

To mark the occasion, Leo Rowsome’s Tutor for the Uileann Pipes, originally published in 1936, was digitised and made freely available to the traditional music community on our website.

This has been made possible through the generosity of the Rowsome family and Waltons Music Dublin.

“Ensuring that the Rowsome tradition of piping and music-making was passed on to his family to be safe for future generations, Leo left an enormous legacy of archival and commercial recordings. He continued his father’s work by completing his Tutor for the Uilleann pipes and dedicating it to him.”

Helena Rowsome Grimes, 2020
Leon, Olivia, Leo, Helena, Helena, & Liam Rowsome. Image courtesy Helena Rowsome Grimes

“Leo was one of the last of that very small band of uilleann pipe makers and his skill in reed making and in turning pipes was unrivalled. His head was stored with the traditional lore of his father and grandfather and of the Cash and Byrne families and to this knowledge was added the experience of a lifetime, backed by outstanding manual dexterity, eyes like a hawk, a keen, analytical brain and a most retentive memory.”

Seán Reid, 1975
William Rowsome. From: Irish folk music : a fascinating hobby / by Capt. Francis O'Neill (Chicago, 1910)
The All-Ireland Trio : Séamus O'Mahony, Leo Rowsome, and Neilus Cronin / unidentified photographer

The Collier’s, reel ; The Sligo Maid, reel / Leo Rowsome

Gillian’s Apples, jig ; The Maid of Tramore, jig / Leo Rowsome

Londonderry Air, air ; Parnell’s March, march / Leo Rowsome

Rí na bPíobairí Album Cover (Claddagh, 1959)
Leo Rowsome, 1960. Image courtesy Helena Rowsome Grimes
Leo Rowsome with pupils, including Betty Nevin and Paddy Moloney. Image courtesty Helen Rowsome Grimes
Cumann na bPiobairi Uilleann Membership Form. Courtesy Helena Rowsome Grimes
Helena & Leo Rowsome at Helena Rowsome Grimes Wedding, 1970. Images courtesy Helena Rowsome Grimes
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Leo Rowsome's Tutor for the Uileann Pipes (Waltons, 1936)