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An online microsite presenting the published and unpublished work on Irish music of Patrick Weston Joyce (1827–1914), the Co Limerick educationalist, popular historian and writer on Irish placenames, and one of the great collectors of Irish traditional music. The site currently includes, courtesy of the National Library of Ireland, facsimile copies of the substantial manuscripts on which Joyce was working at the time of his death and which have remained unpublished until now. Also included are copies of Joyce’s four published music and song collections of 1873–1909, along with interactive music scores for audio playback and printing of the 969 melodies they contain, and also copies with interactive scores of 182 Limerick melodies he contributed in the 1850s to the Dublin collector George Petrie. Further sections will be added to the microsite at intervals during the course of this Joyce centenary year of 2014.

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Joyce's Ballad Sheets

In his published collections Patrick Weston Joyce occasionally makes disparaging remarks about Irish traditional songs in the English language – which he calls 'Anglo-Irish Peasant Songs' or the 'Peasant or Folk Songs of Ireland written in English'. The words of particular songs are 'very rude and worthless' or 'not worth printing'. He thought them as a class 'very inferior to those in Irish; for the good reason that the song-writers were only imperfectly acquainted with English, while they were quite at home in Irish'...
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