Irish Traditional Music Instrument Thesaurus, Core Version

A Simple Knowledge Organisation System (SKOS) Thesaurus

Author: Lynnsey Weissenberger

Incorporates core range of instruments played in contempory Irish traditional music. Developed for use at the Irish Tradtional Music Archive.

Download full ITMI Thesaurus, Core Version in Turtle.

  • Spoons
    • Gaeilge: Spúnóga
    • Wikidata Close Match: Spoons
  • String Instrument
  • Tin Whistle
    • Gaeilge: Feadóg Stáin
    • Alternate Label: Penny Whistle
    • Alternate Label: Whistle
    • Wikidata Close Match: Tin Whistle
  • Uilleann Pipes
    • Gaeilge: Píb Uilleann
    • Alternate Label: Union Pipes
    • Wikidata Close Match: Uilleann Pipes
  • Vocal Instrument
  • War Pipes
    • Gaeilge: Píb Mhór
    • Alternate Label: Highland Bagpipes
    • Wikidata Close Match: War Pipes
  • Wind Instrument
  • Flute
    • Gaeilge: Feadóg Mhór
    • Alternate Label: Wooden Flute
    • Alternate Label: Concert Flute
    • Wikidata Close Match: Wooden Flute
  • Woodwind Instrument