3 CDs, part 1 of a two-part set

Some of the most talented young traditional musicians from rural Ireland found themselves in London in the 1950s, working on the buildings and in heavy construction, away from home, but among hundreds of people like themselves.  Music was played in pubs and dance halls and, for a decade or two almost every night of the week, Camden Town, Fulham and neighbouring boroughs were buzzing.  Even as far as the outer suburbs, in some back-street pub or other, there was great music to be found, that is, if you knew where to look for it.  Beyond the gaze of mainstream society and unknown to the media, promotion was solely by word of mouth among the Irish themselves.  This three-CD collection of rare recordings gives us a very privileged view of a unique community who lived this music.  Here are some great musicians, some great tunes, and great warmth and humanity.  At the time, it was often said, that there was much better Irish music to be heard in London than in Ireland.  An overstatement, of course, but there was certainly more of it to be heard in London than anywhere else in the world.  A companion three-CD album, "It was great altogether!" The Continuing Tradition of Irish Music in London, Topic TSCD380T, brings the story up to the present time.

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