As I Roved Out / Sarah Makem

Irish traditional singer Sarah Makem (1900–1983) of Keady, Co Armagh, lived quietly as a housewife, but became famous in the early 1950s when she was recorded for the BBC and when her song 'As I Roved Out' was used as the signature song for the famous radio series of the same name.

Sarah sang love songs and romantic ballads, but many of her songs grew out of local incidents, or were songs of loss, poverty, and harsh experience, desolation, occupation, and want - many with roots that could be traced back four hundred years or more.

This set of 70 songs on 3 CDs (with a 44-page booklet of biographical and song notes edited by Rod Stradling) is thought to represent the complete recorded repertory of one of Ireland's most celebrated traditional singers in the English language.

Product Type:  CD