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The plains of Easter Snow

James Connors

The plains of Easter Snow / James Connors

The plains of Easter Snow, song (As I roved for recreation beneath the falling dew …) In this romantic broadside ballad, the protagonist falls in love with a beautiful woman. His proposal ultimately is turned down, and the woman departs. Song collector Jim Carroll suggests  a possible explanation for the title and origin of the song:  “ ‘Estersnowe is the name of a townland in Roscommon. Originally the place was known by its Gaelic name Diseart Nuadhan (St. Nuadha's Hermitage) but in the process of adaptation to the English language in Elizabethan times, it became known as Issertnowne. By the nineteenth century the people, when speaking English, called it Estersnowe and rationalised that strange name into Easter Snow. In County Antrim where there is a strong Scots influence, the song is known as Wester Snow.”

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Transcript of '[The plains of Easter snow]' as sung by James Connors / Aidan O'Hara

The plains of Easter snow, song (And I thought she was Diana fair or the Evening Star that rules the night …) A typed transcript based on Aidan O'Hara's field recording, with annotations and corrections by the collector.