Denis Nash (b. 1928)

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Denis Nash dancing while Frankie Nash plays the whistle. Keith Roche and his wife Dorothy (“Dot”) look on, ca. 1976–77 (photo courtesy of Aidan O’Hara; used with permission).

A fisherman by trade, Denis Nash was born on 29 September 1928 and has lived all of his life in Branch. His father, Bernard Joseph Nash, was the source of many of Denis’s songs. He also picked up some of his repertoire from other people around Branch. Most of Denis’s performances happened in informal situations like house parties. As of 2018, he and his wife, Annie, have been married for 55 years.


Pinto / Denis Nash

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Pinto / Denis Nash

Pinto, song (As I was riding one evening 'neath the starlite western sky…) This song is better known as “There’s a picture on Pinto’s Bridle,” recorded by Hank Snow in 1939.

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Courtesy of Denis & Annie Nash