Other Media Featured in A Grand Time


The other media featured in A Grand Time provide contextual information about the recordings that are the centrepieces of this digital exhibition.

Many of the images are from the Aidan O’Hara Collection at ITMA. Images of performers, in many cases, were provided by the performers and/or their families. All of the images were donated in digital formats. Though ITMA follows international standards in digital preservation, in many cases high-quality images in lossless formats simply were not available. Low-quality images have been included because they provide important contextual information about the people, places, and occasions referenced in the recordings.

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A sampling of the print material included in the Aidan O’Hara Collection at ITMA is provided as part of this digital exhibition. The majority of this material are typed transcripts of the songs featured on recordings. Only transcripts of songs included in A Grand Time have been made available in digital form. Transcripts of conversations about dance, migration, and the Irish language have also been included as they provide important contextual details about the song and music traditions of the Cape Shore.

The video recordings featured in A Grand Time are not part of the Aidan O’Hara Collection at ITMA. Clips from the 1981 Radharc documentary The Forgotten Irish are provided through partnership with RTÉ Archives. These provide important visual information about the style of dance described in a number of Aidan O’Hara’s audio-only recordings. This documentary also was significant for drawing the attention of the Irish public to cultural links with Newfoundland communities. The other videos included in this exhibition are ITMA Field Recordings of an interview with Aidan O’Hara. The total length of this interview was more than 120 minutes and covered wide-ranging topics relating to Aidan O’Hara’s presence in Newfoundland and recording efforts in the Cape Shore. For purposes of this exhibition, the original interview was edited into three brief videos, each with a topical focus. The full-length interview is available at the ITMA premises in Dublin.