Recent Publications & Acquisitions, November 2017

Listings of the latest publications and items of interest received in the ITMA collection in the last two months.


Commercial Sound Recordings

Recently published CDs, digital downloads & LPs of Irish traditional music

An Tara, = Tommy Hayes, bodhrán, marimba, darabuka, woodblock, silk worm cocoon shaker, handclaps, & Matthew 'mattu' Noone, sarode, ukulele, fiddle, voice & percussion, Faha rainRaelach Records [RR014], 2017. CD & digital download

Atlas, = Cillian King, concertina, & Cillian Doheny, guitars, AffinityRopeadope Records RAD332, 2016. LP, CD/DVD & digital download 

Bermingham, Noel, banjo, When the tide is out, [Bermingham n.n.], 2017. CD

Billerbeck, Hilke, guitar, whistle, bodhrán, Where is the light? Cá bhfuil an solas?: Irish tunes & slow airsTimezoneTZ1243, 2017. CD 

Byrne, John J., singing in English, & various, instrumental & vocal, John J. Byrne and the TwangmenRi-Ra RecordsJJB092017, 2017. CD 

Carty, James, fiddle, Hiding daylight in dark cornersCarty; Racket Records RR014 2017. CD

Cuar, = Matthew Berrill, clarinet, Aoife Ní Bhriain, fiddle, & Neil Ó Loclainn, double bass, flute, RoscannaRaelach Records RR013, 2017. CD & digital download 

Curious Bards, The, instrumental & vocal group, [Ex]traditionHarmonia Mundi HMN916105, 2017. CD 

Crean, Éilís, fiddle, Searbh siúcra = Bitter sweet: 21 Eddie Kelly compositionsCrean [n.n.] 2017. CD 

Deaton, Luke, accordion, & Jayne Pomplas, fiddle, My mind will never be easy, [Deaton & Pomplas n.n.] 2017. CD & digital download 

Diamond, Danny, fiddle, Elbow room: solo fiddle music from IrelandDiamond DD3, 2017. CD 

Dulahan, instrumental duo, Where the music takes us, [Dulahan n.n., 2017]. CD

Gannon, Eileen, harp, The glory days are overGannon [n.n.], 2017. Digital download 

Harbison, Janet, harp, Slow airs, [Harbison n.n.], 2017. CD 

Hibernia, = Ellen MacIsaac, singing in English & Irish, & Susan Toman, harp, Wide watersHibernia [n.n.], 2017. CD

Huellou, Pol, singing in English, & various, instrumental & vocal, Pol Huellou & Friends: The lost agendaGoasco Music [n.n.[, 2017. Digital download 

Hughes, Brian, whistle, This day 20 years, [Hughes n.n.], 2017. CD 

Keane, Caroline, concertina, & Tom Delany, uilleann pipes, Never say goodbye, say good luckKeane & Delany n.n., 2017. CD

Martin Hayes Quartet, = Martin Hayes, fiddle, Doug Wieselman, bass clarinet, Liz Knowles, viola, fiddle, Dennis Cahill, guitar, The blue room, [Martin Hayes Quartet n.n.], 2017. CD

Lankum, vocal & instrumental group, Between the earth and skyRough Trade RTRADCD910, 2017. 2LP, CD & digital download 

McCarthy, Thomas, singing in English, & Viv Legg, singing in English, Jauling the green toberBrown LabelTMVL0302, 2017. CD 

Moore, Christy, singing in English, guitar, On the roadYellow Furze; Sony 88985493842, 2017. 2 CDs 

Morice, Claude, flute, & various, instrumental, The grace notes, [Morice n.n.], 2017. CD 

Mulhern, Dáire, accordion, Boxman, [Mulhern n.n.], 2017. CD 

Nic Amhlaoibh, Muireann, singing in English & Irish, flute, whistle, Foxglove & fuschiaNic Amhlaoibh MUNA002, 2017. 

Ní Uallacháin, Pádraigín, singing in Irish, & various, instrumental, Ceoltaí Oirialla: songs of OrielCeoltaí ÉireannCE6717, 2017. 2 CDs 

O’Connell, Tony, concertina, 'live and well, [O’Connelln.n.], 2017. CD 

O Duinnchinn, Tiarnán, uilleann pipes, Reggish PaddyO Duinnchinn n.n., 2017. CD 

O’Dwyer, Elle Marie, singing in English, John Flanagan, singing in English, & various, singing in Irish & English, Ag canadh sa Chláir: traditional singers in residence programme by Clare County Council 2016/2017Clare Arts Officen.n., 2017. CD

Open the Door for Three, instrumental group, The joyful hourBroaders; Knowles; O'Hare [n.n.], 2017. CD 

Primrose, Christine, singing in Scottish Gaelic, Gràdh is gonadh: guth ag aithris = Love and loss: a lone voiceTemple Records COMD2109 2017. CD 

Rees, Tina Jordan, keyboard, Féistastic 3Jordan Rees n.n., 2017. Digital download 

Sick & Indigant Song Club, The, vocal & instrumental music, Shinbone AlleyRualla Records RUR0217, 2017. CD 

Smyth, Laura, singing in English, & Ted Kemp, singing in English, The poacher’s fateBroken Token RecordsTOKEN002, 2017. CD 

Trio Bonamy, Samzun, Guillouzic, instrumental & vocal group, BeajCoop Breizh [0910], 2016. CD 

Tweed, Karen, piano accordion, & Timo Alakotila, piano, Midsummer May MondayÅkerö Records AKEROCD018, 2017. CD 

Tweed, Karen, piano accordion, & Tom McElvogue, flute, LuckpennyTMc Productions; May Monday Horizons n.n., 2017. CD

Ullman, Lena, banjo, & Anna Falkenau, fiddle, I can hear you calling, [Falkenau; Scroll Music n.n.], 2017. CD 

Various, instrumental & vocal, The Doolough Famine walk: music from a dark isle: a collection of music and song remembering An Gorta Mór, Afri [n.n., 2017]. CD 

Various, instrumental, Live at The Druid, [The Druid n.n.], 2017. CD 

Ye Vagabonds, vocal & instrumental duo, Ye VagabondsInglenook Records YVB01, 2017. CD & digital download 

Printed Materials

Recently published books, articles & theses in Irish traditional music

Atkinson, David, and Steve Roud, eds, Street literature of the long Nineteenth Century: producers, sellers, consumers Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2017. xix+373 pp. ISBN 9781443894999 (hbk)

Beiner, Guy, "The enigma of Roddy McCorley goes to die: forgetting and remembering a local rebel hero in Ulster" in Éva Guillorel, David Hopkin and William G. Pooley, eds Rhythms of revolt: European traditions and memories of social conflict in oral culture Oxford: Routledge, 2017. 408 pp. ISBN 9781315467832 (hbk)

Carr, Darrah Eileen, On the heels of Riverdance: choreographic process in contemporary Irish step dance Thesis (PhD): Texas Woman’s University, 2017. Online

Comerford, R.V., 'Conundrums of national musicology: an appreciation of the Encyclopaedia of music in Ireland (2013)' in Kerry Houston & Harry White, eds A musical offering: essays in honour of Gerard GIllen, Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2018. ISBN 9781846826580, pp. 360–372

Crowley, John, Donal Ó Drisceoil and Mike Murphy, eds, Atlas of the Irish revolution, Cork: Cork University Press, 2017. xx+963 pp. ISBN 9781782051176 (hbk)

Downey, Peter, Edward Bunting and the ancient Irish music: the publication histru of A general collection of the ancient Irish music… adapted for the piano-forte (London:Preston & Son), Lisburn: Downey Editions, 2017. vi+71 pp. ISBN 9780995585829 (pbk)

Graebe, MartinAs I walked out: Sabine Baring-Gould and the search for the folk songs of Devon and Cornwall Oxford: Signal Books, 2017. xxi+420 pp. ISBN 9781909930537 (pbk)

Kearney, Daithí, ‘Concert celebrating the music of Brian O’Kane’ in TREOIR vol. 49, no 2, pp. 48–49.

Daithí Kearney, ‘Reliving island life: staging stories of the Blasket Islands’ in Estudios Irlandeses Vol. 12, no. 2, (2017), pp. 73–90. Online

Loughnane, KathleenPatrick O'Neill's manuscripts, Galway: Reiskmore Music, 2016. 29 pp. ISBN 9790900201348 (pbk)

Mac Amhlaoibh, Críostóir, ‘Lámhscríbhinní Ceoil de Hindeberg i gColáiste na Rinne’ in An linn bhuí no. 21, pp. 169–177.

Mac Craith, Nioclás, ‘Amhráintí den Sean-Shaol’ in An linn bhuí no. 21, pp. 101–115.

Munnelly, Tom, ed., The Mount Callan garland: songs from the repertoire of Tom Lenihan of Knockbrack, Miltown Malbay, County Clare, Dublin: Comhairle Bhéaloideas Éireann, 2017. xxx+153 pp. ISBN 0906426162 (pbk). Reprint.

O'Donnell, Teresa, and Mary LouiseSisters of the revolutionaries: the story of Margaret and Mary Brigid Pearse, Newbridge: Merrion Press, 2017. xi+160 pp. ISBN 9781785371073 (pbk)

Ó Drisceoil, Proinsias, ‘Seoithín Seó' i Riocht Cló’ in An linn bhuí no. 21, pp. 116–133.

O’Hara, Aidan, ‘Music in Longford from earliest times’ in TREOIR as above pp. 49–50.

O’Keeffe, John, ‘Seán Ó Riada’s Requiem do shaighdiúir’ in Kerry Houston & Harry 

White, eds A musical offering: essays in honour of Gerard Gillen as above, pp. 152–177

Phelan, Helen, Singing the rite to belong: music, ritual, and the new Irish New York: Oxford University Press, 2017. Xii+320 pp. ISBN 9780190672225 (hbk)

Quigley, Dr Michael, ‘The great starvation of Irish culture’ in TREOIR as above pp. 51-55.

Roud, Steve and Julia BishopFolk song in England, London: Faber & Faber, 2017. xi+764 pp. ISBN 9780571309719 (hbk)

Rowsome, Helena, ‘From Thomas Street to Belgrave Square’ in TREOIR as above pp. 9-11.

Scahill, Adrian, 'Towards a reconsideration of the place of traditional music in the Catholic church' in Kerry Houston & Harry White, eds A musical offering: essays in honour of Gerard Gillen as above pp. 136–151

Stevens, Julie AnneTwo Irish girls in Bohemia: the drawings and writings of E. Œ. Somerville and Martin Ross, Cork: Somerville Press Ltd, 2017. 214 pp. ISBN 9780995523944 (pbk)

Tracey, Liam, ‘Lament: a lost liturgical category?’ in Kerry Houston & Harry White, eds A musical offering: essays in honour of Gerard Gillen as above, pp. 307–317

Whelan, Frank, “Legacy of ‘The Limerick Piper’ remembered” in TREOIR as above pp. 25-26.

Wilson, Shana, Irish folk music in the classroom Thesis (MA): University of Bridgeport, 2017. ii+69 pp. Online


Some items of interest acquired by the Archive within the last two months

Photographs of P.W. Joyce and the Joyce family donated by Éamonn Hunt.

Serials, programmes and various ephemera. Donated by Fintan Vallely.

ITMA would also like to acknowledge with thanks donations of materials (CDs, printed items, visual items, etc.) and other help and information from the following people and organisations: Hilke Billerbeck, James Carty, Claddagh Records, Clare Arts Office, The Curious Bards, Danny Diamond, Des Gallagher, Peter Grummitt, George Henderson, Carl Hession, Caroline Keane, Ted Kemp, Robin Morton, Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin, Gearóid O'Brien, Tiarnán O Duinnchinn, Richie Piggott, Jayne Pomplas, Tom Sherlock, Pete Smith, Laura Smyth, Robert Stack, Karen Tweed, Lynnsey Weissenberger.