Recent Publications & Acquisitions, September 2018

Listings of the latest publications and items of interest received in the ITMA collection in the last two months.

Rip the bellows, Séagda Coyle 2017

Commercial Sound Recordings

Arthur, Davey (singing in English, guitar, tenor banjo, mandocello), and Fionnuala Gill (singing in English, singing in Irish, harp). Common ground. Arthur and Gill, 2010. 1 CD.

Barou, Sylvain (flute, uilleann pipes, tin whistle), and Ronan Pellen (cittern). Last days of fall. Glazard GLAZARD01, 2018. 1 CD.

Breatnach, Cormac Juan (tin whistle), Daire Bracken, Daire (fiddle), and Martin Tourish (accordion). The whistle blower. Cormac Juan Breatnach, 2018. 1 CD.

Carroll, Sharon (harp). The Irish harp: a journey in time. Carroll, 2017. 1 CD.

Carthy, Martin (singing in English, guitar). The January man: live in Belfast 1978. Hux Records HUX119, 2010. 1 CD.

Clifford, Billy (flute), and Gerry Harrington (stroh fiddle, fiddle). Now she’s purring. Billy Clifford and Gerry Harrington, 2018. 1 CD + digital download.

Coyle, Seagda (accordion, piano accordion, Hammond organ). Rip the bellows. Séagda Coyle 2017. 1 CD.

Diamond, Helen (singing in English). Helen Diamond: traditional unaccompanied singing from Ireland. Helen Damond HCD01, 2018. 1 CD.

Dillon, Cara (singing in English). Wanderer. Charcoal Records CHARCD009, 2017. 1 CD.

Dillon, Cara (singing in English, singing in Irish). Upon a winter’s night. Charcoal Records CHARCD008, 2016. 1 CD.

Fine Friday (instrumental group, singing in English). Gone dancing. Foot Stompin' Records CDFSR1715, 2002. 1 CD.

Gaffney, Róisín (singing in English). Her earrings tipped her shoulders. Róisín Gaffney, 2018. 1 CD.

Gurney, Dan (accordion), and John Blake (guitar). Ignorance is bliss. Dan Gurney, 2018. 1 CD + digital download.

Holohan, Michael (composer), and various (instrumental music). The road to Lough Swilly. Michael Holohan, 2018. 2 CDs.

Hoodman Blind (instrumental group, singing in English). Hoodman Blind. Hoodman Blind, 2018. 1 CD + digital download.

Ímar (instrumental group). Afterlight. Big Mann Records BMANN02, 2018. 1 CD.

Kronos Quartet (instrumental group), and various (singing in English). Folk songs. Nonesuch Records 7559793873, 2017. 1 CD.

Lehane, Eamonn (guitar, fiddle, bodhrán, singing in English), and Celteast (instrumental group). Eamonn & Celteast: made in Istanbul. [Eamonn Lehane; Solen Kaset], n.d. 1 CD.

Los Paddys (instrumental group, singing in English, singing in Spanish). Fly to Las Pampas. Los Paddys, [2018]. 1 CD.

Loughnane, Kathleen (harp). Patrick O'Neill's manuscripts: a selection for Irish harp from the music manuscripts of Patrick O'Neill (1765-1832) arranged by Kathleen Loughnane. Kathleen Loughnane, 2018. 1 CD.

MacArdle, Jim (singing in English, guitar, concertina, harmonica, dulcimer, autoharp), Donal Black (singing in English, banjo, guitar, drums, mandolin), Eilis Quinn (singing in English, accordion), and Wally Murphy (singing in English, banjo). Much blindin' down the marsh: traditional music and song from Drogheda and beyond. Louth Louth Music LLM029, 2018. 1 CD + digital download.

Mac Donnchadha, Páraic (banjo). Not before time...39 years in the making! Thar am. Páraic Mac Donnchadha 2018. 1 CD + digital download.

Mac Gabhann, Antóin (fiddle), and Caitlín Nic Gabhann (concertina, dancing). Tobar Bhríde. Caitlín Nic Gabhann CNG2, 2018. 1 CD.

McGowan, Harry (flute, singing in English). Knocknashee. Harry McGowan, 2018. 1 CD.

Needham, Eilís (harp). Fuinniúil. [Eilís Needham], 2018. 1 CD.

McNeill, Brian (singing in English, fiddle, octave fiddle, mandocello, bouzouki, mandola, mandolin, guitar, concertina, hurdy-gurdy, hand percussion). The Baltic tae Byzantium: tales of the Scots in Europe. Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX341, 2009. 1 CD.

O'Dwyer, Riobard (accordion). Traditional music from the heart. Riobard O’Dwyer, n.d. 1 CD.

Ó Fearghail, Caoimhín (flute), and Tutty, Paddy (fiddle). Flute & fiddle. Caoimhín Ó Fearghail, 2018. 1 CD.

Pitcher Hill (instrumental group, singing in English). Pitcher Hill. Louth Louth Music, 2018. 1 CD + digital download.

Poppy Seeds (instrumental group, singing in English). Ties & tunes. Ride On Music ROM014, [2018]. 1 CD.

Poppy Seeds (instrumental group, singing in English). Close shaved. Ride On Music ROM02, 2013. 1 CD.

Poppy Seeds (instrumental group, singing in English). Poppy Seeds. Ride On Music; Vocation Records VOC4607, 2010. 1 CD.

Power, Brendan (harmonica) and Tim Edey (accordion). Harmonica & button box. Brendan Power and Tim Edey, 2016. 1 CD.

Smyth, Méabh (fiddle), and Tiarnán Smyth (guitar, concertina, singing in English). Méabh & Tiarnán Smyth. Méabh Smyth & Tiarnán Smyth, 2017. Digital download.

Spillane, John (singing in English, Spanish guitar, concertina). Acoustic series volume 1: All the ways you wander. John Spillane; Inspired Records, 2017. 1 CD.

Usher, Angela (banjo, tin whistle, concertina, guitar, mandolin). The Gort mile. Angela Usher; Banjaxed Records BR001, 2018. 1 CD.

Various (instrumental music, singing in English). Beo: live at Madden’s. [BAMB BAMB20101, 2010]. 1 CD.

Various (instrumental music, singing in English). Ennis Trad Festival: that’s what I call ceol! Volume 1. Ennis Trad Festival ETFCD001, n.d. 1 CD.

Various (speech in English, singing in English). The Irish Uprising 1916–1922. Reissue of LP. Red River Entertainment; Columbia Records; Sony Music Entertainment, 2018. 1 CD.

Various (instrumental music, singing in English). Folk festival: volume 1. Gott Discs GOTTBOX011-1, 2004. 1 CD.

Various (instrumental music, singing in English). Folk festival: volume 2. Gott Discs GOTTBOX011-2, 2004. 1 CD.

Various (instrumental music, singing in English). Tonder Festival 2018. Milkstream Records. 2018. 1 CD.

Various (instrumental music). Night trees. Night Tree Records, 2017. 1 CD.

Volant, Benoît (fiddle) and Camille Philippe (guitar, mandolin, banjo, singing in English). Lost spoon. Ride On Music ROM008, [2016]. 1 CD.

We Banjo 3 (instrumental group, singing in English). Haven. We Banko 3 WB3CD005, 2018. 1 CD. 

Printed Materials

Accardi, Dan. “Irish fiddling with Dan Accardi: John Kelly’s sense of space.” Fiddler magazine 25, no. 3 (2018): 43–4.

Boner, Seán. “Néillí Boyle, Seamus Ennis and ‘The moving cloud.’” Donegal annual = Bliainiris Dhún na nGall no. 70 (2018): 88–96.

Browne, Ronan. Obituary of Peter O’Loughlin. An píobaire 14, no. 3 (2018): 6–10.

Donnelly, Seán. Review of James Gandsey the celebrated Killarney minstrel, by Ciarán Dalton (2017). An píobaire 14, no. 3 (2018): 26–8.

Geremia, Steph. Up she flew: featuring music & tunes settings from North Connaught. Galway: Steph Geremia, 2018. 40 pp. ISBN 9781527223974 (pbk + CD).

Mac Aoidh, Caoimhín.”The hidden note: making the commonplace uncommon.” Fiddler magazine 25, no. 3 (2018): pp. 42–3.

Mac Aoidh, Caoimhín. “Moll Roe in the morning.” An píobaire 14, no. 3 (2018): 35–6.

Moylan, Terry. “Jack Twomey: the Wicklow piper.” An píobaire 14, no. 3 (2018): 30–31.

Moylan, Terry. “A short history of the uilleann pipes.” History Ireland 26, no. 4 (2018): 48–51.

Murray, Anna. “Shocking invention.” Journal of music. Posted 20 September 2018. Online article.

Ní Mhurchú, Síle. “Varia 1 Ní chluinim sin a chláirseach: a lost poem from the Book of the O'Conor Don.” Ériu 67 (2017): 215–18.

Ní Shíocháin, Tríona. “Making men: work as an engendering experience in Rotha mór an tsaoil and songs of work.” Irish journal of anthropology 20, no. 2 (2017): pp. 52–62. Online article.

O’Connor, Gerry. The rose in the gap: dance music of Oriel from the Donnellan Collection. Dundalk: Lughnasa Music, 2018. 176 pp. ISBN 9780951156957 (pbk).

Ó Cróinín, Breandán. “Caointe Aogáin Uí Rathaille.” In Saoi na féile: aistí ar litríocht Ghaeilge an ochtú haois déag in onóir do Úna Nic Éinrí, ed. Stephen Newman, Breandán Ó Cróinín and Liam Ó Paircín, 147–77. Dublin: Coiscéim, 2018. (pbk).

Ó hAllmhuráin, Gearóid. “The green fields of Canada – forgotten! A reappraisal of Irish traditional music history in Canada” In Landscapes and landmarks of Canada: real imagined, (re)viewed, eds. Maeve Conrick, Munroe Eages, Jane Koustas, Caitríona Ní Chasaide, 217–41. Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2017. ISBN 9781771122016 (pbk).

Ó Macháin, Pádraig. “Pádraig Ó Miléadha: file dúchasach nua-aimseartha.” An linn bhuí uimh. 22 (2018): 46–60.

Ó Murchú, Marcas. “John McGettigan, 1882–1958, Donegal's migrant musician, minstrel and entrepreneur.” Donegal annual = Bliainiris Dhún na nGall no. 70 (2018): 49–53.

Shannon, Christopher. “The Dady brothers, Irish music, and the power of place in postwar America.” New Hibernia review 22, no. 1 (2018): 135–52.

Sturm, Bob, and Oded Ben-Tal. “Let’s have another gan ainm: an experimental album of Irish traditional music and computer-generated tunes.” (2018): 1–24. Online article.

Whitmer, Nick. “Michael Carney.” An píobaire 14, no. 3 (2018): 39–45. 


Various, dance, 6th Summer School of Irish dancing,, 2006

Various, dance, 7th Summer School of Irish dancing,, 2007

Various, dance, Bernards Summer School 2009,, 2009

Various, dance, Bernards Summer School 2010,, 2010

Various, dance, Bernards Summer School 2011,, 2011

Various, dance, Bernards Summer School 2012,, 2012

Various, dance, Bernards Summer School 2013,, 2013

Various, dance, Bernards Summer School 2014,, 2014

Various, dance, Bernards Summer School 2016,, 2016

Various, dance, Bernards Summer School 2017,, 2017

Various, dance, Bernards Summer School 2018,, 2018


Some items of interest acquired by the Archive within the last two months: 

Len Graham Collection. 75 reel-to-reel tapes and 1 VHS tape. Field recordings made by Len Graham and a VHS copy of a BBC programme featuring Len Graham and Joe Holmes. Donated by Len Graham.

Tom Davis Collection. 43 reel-to-reel tapes, 2 Willie Clancy Summer School posters and assorted ephemera from an extensive collection collated by Tom Davis during the 1960s–2010s. Donated by Eleanor Davis.

Jane Strausbaugh Collection. 4 reel-to-reel tapes, 1 DVD and 1 photo.

Audio of Josie McDermott interview. Video of Josie McDermott interview. Video of Willie Clancy Summer School, 1987. B/W photo of Tom Lenihan. Donated by Jane Strausbaugh.

Aodha Ó Canainn Collection. 7 reel-to-reel tapes. Various recordings made by Aodha Ó Canainn. Donated by Orla Ní Chanainn. 

Eleanor Nash Conway Collection. 3 CDRs and 2 manuscripts. Poems and songs of Eleanor Nash Conway. Donated by Lorna Nash English.

With thanks

ITMA would also like to acknowledge donations of materials (CDs, printed items, visual items, etc.), and other help and information from the following people and organisations:

Eyeries Post Office Co. Cork, Cormac Breatnach, Michael Holohan, Kathleen Loughnane, Senator Fabian Manning (Canada), Fionnuala Maxwell, National Library of Ireland, Caoimhín Ó Fearghail, Tom Sherlock, Marie Stamp, We Banjo 3, the Town of Branch (Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada),, and Bill Whelan.