Recent Publications & Acquisitions, September 2017

Listings of the latest publications and items of interest received in the ITMA collection in the last two months

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Commercial Sound Recordings

Recently published CDs, digital downloads & LPs of Irish traditional music

Anderson, Paul, fiddle, & various, instrumental & vocal music, The high summit, Fingal FINCD506, 2017. CD

Artisan Row, instrumental & vocal group, Wild winds, Lola LL007, 2017. CD

Brown, Alec, cello, & various, instrumental music, The stepping stone, Alec Brown n.n., 2017. CD

Cameron, Duncan, singing in English, bouzouki, mandolin, banjo, uilleann pipes, fiddle, bodhrán, guitar, low whistle, The whistling thief, Cameron DRC001, 2000. CD

Clare County Arts Officer, singing in Irish & English, Ag canadh sa Chláir: Traditional Singers in Residence Programme by Clare County Council 2016/2017, Clare Arts Office, 2017. CD

Clohessy, Seán, fiddle, Seán McComiskey, accordion, tin whistle, & Kieran Jordan, dance, Cover the buckle, Jordan n.n., 2016. CD

Crawford, Kevin, flute, Dylan Foley, fiddle, & Patrick Doocey, guitar, The drunken gaugers, Brooklyn Boy 1 BBR002, 2017. CD

Daniels, Luke, accordion, & various, instrumental music, Lost music of the gaels, Wren WRCD1602, 2006. CD

Donohoe, Kitty, piano, cittern, singing in English, guitar, & various, instrumental & vocal music, The Irishman’s daughter, Roheen RR008, 2017. CD

Dowd, Janet, singing in English & Irish, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Home, Blue Cow n.n., 2017. CD

Fahy, Florence, concertina, & various, instrumental music, Tunes from the flaggy shore, Fahy n.n., 2017. CD

Fiddle Cases, = Peter Campbell, fiddle, Caoimhín MacAoidh, fiddle, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Bun os cionn: The blackberry’s red when it’s green, Swamp SWAMP999, 2017. CD

Floating Crowbar, instrumental & vocal group, The torn jacket, Floating Crowbar n.n., 2013. CD

Guihen, Tommy, flute, The torn jacket, Cló Iar-Chonnacht CICD204, 2017. CD

Hayden, Cathal, fiddle, Stephen Hayden, fiddle, Niall Murphy, fiddle, & various, instrumental music, Bow brothers, Hook HOOK008, 2017. CD

Hydes, The, = Joanna Hyde, fiddle, singing in English, Iain Hyde, singing in English, guitar, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Green & blue, Hyde HYDECD1, 2016. CD

Ingerson, David, singing in English, My lovely mountain home, Ingerson n.n., 2016. CD

Jiggy, instrumental & vocal group, Translate, Big Beat BBM003, 2017. CD

MacNamara, Andrew, accordion, & Karen Ryan, fiddle, & Pete Quinn, piano, From Camden to Tulla, Lola LL008, 2017. CD

McConville, Tom, fiddle, singing in English, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Sailing to the far side of the world, BoomChang BCCD012, 2017. CD

McGowan, Aileen Donagher, flute, & various, instrumental music, Friends of note, Donagher n.n., 2017. CD

McInerney, Theresa, fiddle, singing in English & Irish, Down the strand, McInerney TMI001, 2017. CD

Meehan, Martin, flute, low whistle, & various, instrumental music, The fox’s lament, Meehan MM002, 2017. CD

Nesbitt Family, The, instrumental group, Devil’s bit sessions: three generations of tradition, Cosmic Trigger n.n., 2017. CD

Nic Gabhainn, Bernadette, fiddle, Here to play, Nic Gabhainn BNG01, 2017. CD

Noctambule = Marla Fibish, mandolin, mandola, guitar, & Bruce Victor, cittern, guitar, A sweetish tune, Noctambule NOCT003, 2016. CD

Noone, Matthew, sarode, fiddle, ukulele, percussion, singing in English, Let luv be ur guru, Noone n.n., 2017. Audio cassette & download

O’Brien, Charlie, singing in English & Irish, guitar, Songs from an outpost, O’Brien n.n., 2006. CD

O’Leary, Bryan, accordion, & Ciarán O’Sullivan, banjo, Live at Scullysfest 2016, Scullysfest n.n., [2017]. Digital download

O’Regan, Fiachra, uilleann pipes, Lawrence O’Hearn, tin whistle, & Malo Carvou, flute, Out of thin air, O’Hearn n.n., 2017. CD

Regan, J.J., fiddle, Gan ainm, Regan n.n., n.d.. CD

Richardson, Haley, fiddle, & Dylan Richardson, guitar, Heart on a string, Richardson n.n., 2015. CD

Risk, Laura, fiddle, Kieran Jordan, dance, Paddy League, guitar, singing in English & Irish, Triptych, Jordan TTCD1101, 2011. CD

Three Jays, The, vocal & instrumental group, To all those little darlings, Gibbs n.n., n.d.. CD

Trad Teens, instrumental & vocal group, Music for mercy, Mercy Centre n.n., n.d.. CD

Various, singing in English, instrumental music, A’ Adam’s Bairns, Freeman n.n.,  n.d.. CD

Various, instrumental & vocal music, Ceolaimís 2009, Ceolaimís n.n., 2009. CD

Various, instrumental & vocal music, Celtic Colours Live: Live performances recorded at 2013 Celtic Colours International Festival, Celtic Colours CCL2013, 2013. CD

Various, instrumental & vocal music, Celtic Colours Live Volume 2: 2014 Celtic Colours International Festival, Celtic Colours n.n., 2014. CD

Various, instrumental & vocal music, Celtic Colours Live Volume 3: 2015 Celtic Colours International Festival, Celtic Colours n.n., 2015. CD

Various, instrumental music, Celtic Colours Live Volume 4: 2016 Celtic Colours International Festival, Celtic Colours n.n., 2016. CD

Various, instrumental music, Scully’s traditional music weekend, 2016, Scullysfest n.n., 2016. Digital download

Various, instrumental music, Ceol an Chláir, volume 1: traditional fiddle music from west Clare, Comhaltas CNH011, 2017. CD

Printed Materials

Recently published books, articles & theses in Irish traditional music

Accardi, Dan, ‘Fred Finn: the breathing bow’ in Fiddler magazine vol. 24, no 3 (fall 2017), p. 48.

Carolan, Nicholas, ‘A Galway piper at home, c. 1890’ in An piobaire vol. 13, no 3 (August 2017), pp. 44.

Carolan, Nicholas, ‘Egan of Dublin, an 18th-century maker of Irish pipes’ in An piobaire vol. 13, no 3 (August 2017), pp. 32–38.

Denmead, Peter, Brian Denmead and David Ryan, Ag déanamh ceoil: a collection of tunes published in TREOIR. Volume 1 (1969–1978), Dublin: Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, 2017. 143 pp. ISBN 9780992760816 (pbk)

Fawcett, Pete, Fawcett’s Fleadh: memories of Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann, Liverpool: Comhaltas, 2017. iv+124 pp. ISBN 9781527212275 (pbk) 

Larsen, Mary, ‘Fergal Scahill: a daily dose of fiddling’ in Fiddler magazine vol. 24, no 3 (fall 2017), pp. 14–16.

Lines, Rick, ‘William Henry Stopford’ in An piobaire vol. 13, no 3 (August 2017), pp. 30–31.

Loughnane, Kathleen, Harping on: music for the Irish harp, Galway: Reiskmore Music, 2017. 39 pp. ISMN M900201317 (pbk)

MacAoidh, Caoimhín, ‘Billy Finn – an appreciation’ in An piobaire vol. 13, no 3 (August 2017), pp. 42–43. Obituary.

Mac Aoidh, Caoimhín, ‘The hidden note: that’s the spirit’ in Fiddler magazine vol. 24, no 3 (fall 2017), pp. 44–45.

McCleave, Sarah & Brian Caraher, eds Thomas Moore and romantic inspiration, Oxon: Routledge, 2018. x+280 pp. ISBN 9781138281479 (hbk)

Manners, Brian, The Trinity College harp: Ireland and the most exotic music instrument in the world = Cláirseach Choláiste na Tríonóide: Éire agus an uirlis cheoil is coimhthíche ar domhan, Dublin: Dubhlinn Nua Publishing, 2017. 278 pp. ISBN 9781527208759 (pbk)

Moylan, Terry, ‘The wild geese’ in An piobaire vol. 13, no 3 (August 2017), pp. 28–29.

O’Byrne, Breffni, Sean-nós melodic style and its influence on instruments of the Irish tradition, Thesis (Partial Fullfilment B.A.): Royal Irish Academy of Music, 2011. 56 pp.

Ó Cadhla, Seán, ‘"Then to death walked, softly smiling": violence and martyrdom in modern Irish republican ballads’ in Ethnomusicology vol. 61, no 2 (summer 2017), pp. 262–286.

O'Farrell, Anne-Marie, The O’Farrell collection. Volume 3, ancient to modern, 2017. 13 pp. ISMN 9790570462261 (pbk)

Pratt, Cathal, ‘Rebel records or “Sweet songs of freedom”?: transatlantic republicanism in Irish-American music’ in American journal of Irish studies vol. 14 (2017), pp. 83–111

Tourish, Martin, ed., Altan: the tunes, Altan, 2017. 208 pp. (pbk)


Some items of interest acquired by the Archive within the last two months

Collection of late 19th century and early 20th century song books, tutors and sheet music. Donated by Hugh E. O'Rourke

Fr. Quinn Reel-to-Reel Audio Collection. 63 audio tapes of recordings made by Fr. Quinn during the 1960s–1970s. Loaned for digitisation

ITMA would also like to acknowledge with thanks donations of materials (CDs, printed items, visual items, etc.) and other help and information from the following people and organisations: Duncan Cameron, Luke Cheevers, Tim Collins, Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, English Folk Dance & Song Society, Shay Fogarty, John Gibbs, Nancy Groce, Tommy Guihen, Maura Harkin, Robbie Harris, David Ingerson, International Council for Traditional Music, Irish Heritage, Kieran Jordan, Kate Manning, Music Network, Na Píobairí Uilleann, Siobhán Ní Chonaráin, Breffni O'Byrne, Anne-Marie O'Farrell, Tom McConville, Brian McMahon, Terry Moylan, Máire O'Dwyer, Jackie Small, Nora Shovelin, Brendan Tonra, Martin Tourish, UCD Archives and Bruce Victor