Printed Materials, December 2005

Recently published books, articles & theses in Irish traditional music, Nov.–Dec. 2005


Campbell, Sean, & Gerry Smyth, Beautiful Day: Forty Years of Irish Rock, Atrium, Cork. 194 pp. ISBN 0 95 3535 355 (pb.). Includes consideration of traditional music

Hollo, Kaarina, ‘Laments and Lamenting in Early Medieval Ireland’, in Helen Fulton ed., Medieval Celtic Literature and Society, Four Courts Press, Dublin, pp. 83-94. ISBN 1-85182-928-8 (hb.)

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Ó Canainn, Tomás, ‘To the New World and Back with Pipes, Fiddle and Flute: The Transmission of Irish Traditional Music’ in Tom Dunne & Laurence M. Geary, eds, History in the Public Sphere: Essays in Honour of John A. Murphy, Cork University Press, Cork. pp.176-85. ISBN 1 859 392 1 (hb.)

Ó Madagáin, Breandán, Caointe agus Seancheolta Eile. Keening and Other Old Irish Musics, Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Galway. 156 pp. ISBN 1 902420 97 7 (pb.); 1 902420 98 5 (hb.) Bilingual; with CD of illustrations sung by author

Phoenix, Eamon, et al. eds, Feis na nGleann. A Century of Gaelic Culture in the Antrim Glens, Feis na nGleann & Stair Uladh, Antrim. xvi+192 pp. ISBN 1-903688-49-3 (hb.)

Smyth, Gerry, Noisy Island: A Short History of Irish Popular Music, Cork University Press, Cork. vii+182 pp. ISBN 1 85918 387 5 (hb.).

Vallely, Fintan, ‘Authenticity to Classicisation: The Course of Revival in Irish Traditional Music’ in The Irish Review no 33 (Spring) Cork, pp. 51-69