Commercial Sound Recordings, September 2016

Recently published CDs, digital downloads & LPs of Irish traditional music, September 2016

Cd Sept 2016

Carty Sisters, The, vocal & instrumental group, Cogar, The Carty Sisters n.n., 2015. Digital download

Cherish the Ladies, instrumental & vocal group, Christmas in Ireland, Cherish the Ladies n.n., 2015. Digital download

Connla, instrumental & vocal group, River waiting, Connla n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

Cooney, Michael, uilleann pipes, Just piping, Gortnahoo n.n., [2016]. CD & digital download

Craig, Moira, singing in English & Carolyn Robson, singing in English, Both sides the Tweed, Reivers Music RVRCD12, [2013]. CD

Dannsair, instrumental group, Galicia, Dannsair n.n., 2006. Digital download

Dannsair, instrumental & vocal group, Mists of Ennistymon, Dannsair n.n., 2008. CD & digital download

Dannsair, vocal & instrumental group, Rias Medias, Dannsair n.n., 2008. Digital download

Dannsair, vocal & instrumental group, The Galway train, Dannsair n.n., 2009. CD & digital download

Dannsair, vocal & instrumental group, Caledonia, Dannsair n.n., 2015. CD & digital download

Dillon, Eoin, uilleann pipes, tin whistle, & various, instrumental music, Pondelorum, Dillon EDCD001, 2016. CD

Donohoe, Zoran, concertina, Barry Conaty, flute & whistle, Ellen Grant, accordion, Cavan bucks, Nyah CD7, n.d. [2016]. CD

Evolution Project, The, vocal & instrumental group, Outta the blue, The Evolution Project EVPCD1, 2015. CD & digital download

Fisher Street, instrumental group, Out in the night, Mulligan LUNCD057, [2016]. CD [originally released in 1991]

Foley, Bruce, & various, vocal & instrumental music, Turning the tides, Foley n.n., 2016. CD

Gatehouse, instrumental & vocal group, Tús nua, Gael Linn CEFCD210, 2016. CD

Gloaming, The, instrumental & vocal group, The Gloaming 2, Real World Records LPRW212, 2016. LP 

Gourley, Nathan, fiddle, Joey Abarta, uilleann pipes, Copley Street, Gourley & Abarta n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

Hayden, Cathal, banjo, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Hooked on banjo, Hayden HOOK07, 2016. CD

Inisfall [Irish School of Music, North Texas], vocal & instrumental group, Inisfall, Galactic Playground Music n.n., 2016. CD

Iontach, instrumental & vocal group, Iontach celebrate Christmas: Flight of the wren, Iontach n.n., 2008. CD

Iontach, instrumental & vocal group, A new journey, Iontach n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

Ivers, Eileen, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Beyond the bog road, Musical Bridge EOMCD5462, 2016. CD

Kern, instrumental & vocal group, False deceiver, Kern n.n., 2016. Digital download

Kommnick, Jens, & various, instrumental music, Redwood, Siúnta Music SM2207, 2015. CD & digital download

MacNamara, Mary, concertina, & Sorcha Costello, fiddle, & various, instrumental music, The lady's cup of tea, MacNamara & Costello MMACN001, 2016. CD

McCusker, John, fiddle, whistle, harmonium, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Hello, goodbye, Under One Sky UOSR003, 2016. CD

McQuaid, Noel, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Live at 38 with Noel and friends, McQuaid n.n., [2016]. CD

Mulcahy, Mick, accordion, concertina, Louise Mulcahy, uilleann pipes, flute, & Michelle Mulcahy, concertina, harp, fiddle, piano, The reel note, Cló Iar-Chonnacht CICD202, 2016. CD & digital download

New Road, instrumental & vocal group, Stone walls & street lights, Barry, Epping, Morrow & O'Dowd WHRL018, [2016]. CD 

Nolan, Donie, accordion, singing in English, & various, instrumental music, The banks of the Abha Bhán, Nolan n.n., [2016]. CD

Ní Bheaglaoich, Máire, accordion, piano, singing in Irish, & Séamus Ó Beagloaich, accordion, singing in Irish, Plancstaí Bhaile na bPoc, Gael Linn CEFCD138, 2016. CD [reissue of LP]

Nua, instrumental group, Flow, Nua n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

O'Donnell, Siobhán, singing in English, bodhrán, fiddle, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Beautiful affair, O'Donnell n.n., [2016]. CD

Ó hAlmhain, Mícheál, flute, Tuile agus trá: The flowing tide, Gael Linn CEFCD211, 2016. CD

O'Hanlon's Shoebox, vocal & instrumental group, Songs and stories of the border, O'Hanlon's Shoebox n.n., 2015. Digital download

O'Loughlin, Peter, fiddle, flute, uilleann pipes, & various, instrumental music, A musical life, O'Loughlin POLCD01, 2016. CD

Ó Súilleabháin, Danny Maidhcí, singing in Irish, singing in English, Buail do phuc is liúigh, Ó Riada PORCD022, 2016. CD

O'Sullivan, Conor, singing in English, guitar, mandolin, banjo, & various, vocal & instrumental music, Good day Señor, O'Sullivan NEWT001, 2015. CD

O'Sullivan, Jimmy, accordion, & John Gorman, piano, Premier sound, O'Sullivan n.n., n.d.. CD

Out the Gap, instrumental group, Let loose, Out the gap n.n., [2016]. CD [5 track EP]

Peoples, Tommy, fiddle, Recorded at fiddler's hearth, Peoples TPCD002, 2016. CD

Project West, instrumental & vocal group, Project west, Irish Cultural Academy ICA001, 2016. CD

Rae, Freya, guitar & Louis Bingham, flute, Curlicue, Waulk Records n.n., 2014. CD

Rambling Boys, The, instrumental & vocal group, What next?, The Rambling Boys n.n., n.d. CD & digital download

Raw Bar Collective, instrumental & vocal group, Ag fógairt an lae, Raw Bar Collective RBC002, [2016]. CD

Redmond, John, accordion, & various, instrumental music, Box sets, Redmond n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

Robison, Tom, harp, singing in English, The boy's lament for his dragon, Robison n.n., 2016. CD

Runa, vocal & instrumental group, Live, Runa RUNACD005, 2016. CD & digital download

Ryan, Paula, vocal & instrumental music, Sing away the sadness, Ryan n.n., 2007. CD

Ryan, Paula, vocal & instrumental music, Let me fly, Ryan n.n., 2015. CD & digital download

Sickmann, Olaf, tin whistle, Whistle man, Time Zone Records TZ252, 2014. CD

Sickmann, Olaf, tin whistle, Original tin whistle session tunes, Time Zone Records TZ796, 2012. CD

Somers, Ciarán, flute, & Nicolas Queménér, guitar, Irish traditional flute, Somers SOMERS001, 2016. CD

Thorns & Roses Band, The, vocal & instrumental group, The rose sessions, Smith n.n., 2015. CD

Various, instrumental & vocal music, Tocane 2016: 25 ans déjà, Recontres Musicales Irlandaises de Tocane n.n., [2016]. CD

Various, instrumental & vocal music, Riches of Clare. vol 2: celebrating Clare County of Culture & Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann Inis 2016/2017, Clare County Arts Office n.n., 2016. CD

Various, instrumental & vocal music, Irish Music Magazine Promotion, All Media n.n., [2016]. 3 CDs

Various, singing in Irish, instrumental music, Srutháin cheoil, Trad TRAD5, [2016]. CD

Various, vocal & instrumental music, Reflections: North Texas and Houston Schools of Irish Music with Ceol na Coille, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Galactic Playground Music n.n., 2015. CD 

We Banjo 3, instrumental & vocal group, String theory, We Banjo 3 WB3CD004, 2016. CD & digital download

Willis Clan, The, vocal & instrumental group, Chapter two: boots, The Willis Clan n.n., 2014. CD

Young, Ryan, fiddle, Craig Irving, guitar, Ryan Young & Craig Irving, Young & Irving n.n., 2015. CD