Commercial Sound Recordings, May 2016

Recently published CDs, digital downloads & LPs of Irish traditional music, May 2016

Cd May 2016

Algar, Ciaran, fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, percussion, singing in English & Various, instrumental music, The final waltz, Fellside FECD270, 2015. CD & digital download

Anima Keltia, harp & Various, instrumental & vocal music, Vita Dominae, Anima Keltia AKVD001, 2016. CD

Arum, instrumental & vocal group, Arum, Arum n.n., [2016]. CD & digital download

Barrett, Veronica, singing in English, When the roses bloom again, Veronica Barrett n.n., n.d.. CD

Black Bank Folk, vocal & instrumental group, Rising, FFS n.n., 2016. CD

Burning Bridget Cleary, instrumental & vocal group, These are the days, Burning Bridget Cleary n.n., [2016]. CD & digital download

Byrne, John, uilleann pipes, flute, low whistle, panpipes & Kevin Byrne, guitar, mandolin, bodhrán, Drawn to the flame, Arundo n.n., 2012. CD & digital download

Cafferkey, Des, bagpipes, flute, tin whistle & Various, instrumental music, Trad with a twist, Des Cafferkey ZEDCD14, 2014

Clannad, vocal & instrumental group, The Clannad Family Collection, Sunday Independent n.n., 2005. CD

Craobh Naithí Grúpaí Cheoil, instrumental & vocal group, A moment in time, Comhaltas CNCD002, 2015. CD

Crehan, Dermot, fiddle & Paul Honey, orchestration, Toss the feathers, Tess TR0901, 2007. CD & digital download

Cúig, instrumental group, New landscapes, Cúig n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

Díséad, instrumental group, Live at Malachy's, Díséad DISCD001, 2016. CD & digital download

Doyle, Robert, singing in English, guitar & Various, instrumental music, Lig amach, Robert Doyle RDM02, 2016. CD & digital download

Fabbri, Marco, fiddle & Various, instrumental music, Crossroads, Marco Fabbri n.n., 2016. CD

Farrell, Peter, singing in English, guitar & Various, instrumental music, Peter Farrell, Peter Farrell n.n., 2015. CD

Fásta, instrumental & vocal group, Un Canadien Errant, Fásta n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

Four Men & a Dog, instrumental & vocal group, 'And the band' played on, Hook HOOK006, 2016. CD

Henderson, Jarlath, singing in English, uilleann pipes, flute, low whistle, guitar & Various, instrumental music, Hearts broken, heads turned, Jarlath Henderson n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

Hernon, Marcus, flute, Kindle the fire = Coigil an tine, Hernon MHCD001, [2016]. CD

Horsley, Matthew, uilleann pipes & Various, instrumental music, Australian waters, Matthew Horsley MH001, 2015. CD

Houston, Brian, singing in English, guitar & Various, instrumental music, Songs from my father, Brian Houston BBHCD2028, 2016. CD & digital download

Howarth, Bill, English dulcimer & Pip Ives, accordion, Hard labour: English dulcimer and squeezbox, Pip Ives n.n., 2015. CD

Lynch, Rita, singing in English, Rita Lynch, Rita Lynch n.n., n.d.. CD

Madden, Joanie, flute, Brian Conway, fiddle, Billy McComiskey, accordion & Brendan Dolan, keyboards, The pride of New York, Comapss 745222, 2009. CD

McCormack, Ályth, singing in English, singing in Scottish Gaelic, singing in Irish, Homelands, ANE CD103, 2015. CD & digital download

Moore, Christy, singing in English, guitar, Paddy on the road, Universal 4719045, 2016. LP [reissue of 1969 Mercury release] & digital download

Murphy, Líosa, singing in English, singing in Irish, tin whistle & Various, instrumental music, Skylark, Líosa Murphy n.n., 2014. CD & digital download

Notify, instrumental group, Inconcept, Notify n.n., 2016. Digital download

Nugent, Josie, fiddle, stroh violin, piano & Various, instrumental music, Modal citizen, Josie Nugent JNBS002, 2016. CD

Old Bay Céilí Band, instrumental group, Crabs in the skillet, Old Bay Céilí Band n.n., 2011. CD & digital download

O'Neill, Cathal, singing in English, Inherited, Cathal O'Neill CON001, 2015. CD & digital download

Réalta, instrumental & vocal group, Clear skies, Réalta ADC002, 2016. CD & digital download

Sands, Ben, singing in English, guitar, Troubadour, Ben Sands n.n., 2015. CD

Scott, Aoife, singing in English & Various, instrumental music, Carry the day, WendyPops WENR001, 2016. CD & digital download

Solas, instrumental & vocal group, All these years, THL n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

String Sisters, instrumental & vocal group, String sisters live, Grappa HCD7200, 2007. CD

Tweed, Karen, piano accordion & Adrian Burns, guitar, bouzouki, Bootleg Panini, Karen Tweed n.n., 2015. Digital download

Various, instrumental & vocal music, Joanie Madden's Folk 'n' Irish Cruise: 19 tunes from the big session on the high seas, Sunday World n.n., 2012. CD

Various, instrumental & vocal music, Sounds from Ireland 2016, Culture Ireland n.n., 2016. CD

Various, speech in Irish, speech in English, singing in Irish & instrumental music, Blood on the rose, 'Fuil ar an rós': poems of 1916, Tristan Rosenstock ALM16655, 2016. CD 

Various, instrumental & vocal music, Lament for 1916: Easter Rising 1916 – The dawn of freedom, Raymond Smyth RSM2016, 2016. CD & digital download

Various, vocal music, Songs of the Gael, 'Orain nan Gàidheal': 5 CDs featuring five of Scotland's leading Gaelic singers, Temple TBS004, [2016]. 5 CDs

Various, instrumental music, Music of the harp in Scotland & Ireland, Temple TBS005, 2016. 5 CDs

Various, vocal & instrumental music, The Irish Rebellion – 1916: soundtrack from the original documentary series, Universal 4778963, 2016. CD & digital download

Vaughan, Edel, singing in English, singing in Irish & Various, instrumental music, Spreagtha, Edel Vaughan EVCD01, 2016. CD

Ward, Lisa, fiddle & Various, instrumental music, Black swan, Lisa Ward WARDCD00001, 2015. CD

Yvain Delahousse Duo, instrumental duet, Sonate Irlandaise, Thalweq n.n., 2013. CD