Commercial Sound Recordings, May 2013

Recently published CDs and digital downloads of Irish traditional music, May 2013

Araki, Hanz, flute, whistle, singing in English, & Kathryn Claire, fiddle, singing in English, The emigrant's song: The laborer's lament, The Celtic Conspiracy n.n., 2012. Digital download

Breathnach, Gearóidín, singing in Irish, Grá mo chroí an óige, Cló Iar-Chonnacht CICD191, 2013

Bulger, Seamus, accordion, Paddy O’Donoghue, flute, whistle, Pat Mullins, fiddle, Pat Costello, banjo, bouzouki, mandolin, & Geraldine Cotter, piano, Life in the slow lane: traditional music from County Clare, Bulger, O'Donoghue, Mullins, & Costello n.n., n.d. [2010]

Callanish, instrumental & vocal group, The hare’s paw, Callanish n.n., 2013

Carolan, Mary Ann, singing in English, Songs from the Irish tradition, Topic Records TSDL362, 2012. Reissue of LP as digital download

Celtic Woman, vocal & instrumental group, A new journey, Manhattan Records 094637511022, 2006

Chicago Reel, instrumental group, singing in English, Chicago reel, Chicago Reel n.n., 2011

Clannad, singing in Irish & English, Christ Church Cathedral, ARC Music EUCD2441, 2013. See also DVD

Davis Maxfield, Liz, cello, & various, instrumental, singing in English, Big fiddle, Davis Maxfield n.n., 2009

Davis Maxfield, Liz, cello, Folk cello suite, Davis Maxfield n.n., n.d.

Dervish, instrumental & vocal group, The thrush in the storm, Whirling Discs WHRL015, 2013

Doran, Felix, uilleann pipes, The last of the travelling pipers, Topic Records TSDL288, 2013. Reissue of LP as digital download

Duignan, Packie, flute, & Seamus Horan, fiddle, Music from County Leitrim, Topic Records TSDL339, 2013. Reissue of LP as digital download

Dulahan, instrumental group, Airs and gracenotes, Dulahan n.n., n.d. [2011]

Dunne, Niamh, singing in English & Irish, Portraits, Dunne ND001, 2013

Edey, Tim, guitar, accordion, & various, instrumental, singing in Irish, The best of Tim Edey, Gnatbite Records n.n., n.d. [2012]

Emery, Anton, guitar, Noone lasses, Emery AECD101, 2009

Ennis, Séamus, uilleann pipes, The wandering minstrel, Topic Records TSDL250, 2012. Reissue of LP as digital download

Griffin, Brongaene, fiddle, Gerry O’Beirne, guitar & ukulele, & Kevin Burke, fiddle, speech in English, Three colours ginger, Loftus Music LM005, 2010

Griffin, Vincent, fiddle, Traditional fiddle music from County Clare, Topic Records TSDL338, 2013. Reissue of LP as digital download

Grace, Brendan, singing in English, Songs for the gathering, Beaumex Music BMCD 584, 2012

Harrigan, Betty, singing in English, Full circle, Harrigan BHMCD001, 2012

Hidden Fifth, instrumental group, Hidden fifth, Bows and Toes n.n., 2013. Digital download

Holleran, Brian, flute, & Brian Bigley uilleann pipes, Traditional Irish music on flute and pipes, Bigley Holleran n.n., 2012

Hughes, Brian, whistle, The beat of the breath, Cló Iar-Chonnacht CICD192, 2013

Kaade, flute, whistle, Second hearing, Kaade n.n., 2009

Kelleher, Fiona, singing in English & Irish, My love lies, Kelleher n.n., 2008

Lawlor, Martin, bodhran, The dancing goat, Lawlor n.n., 2013

Lumiere, singing in English & Irish, My dearest dear, IRL IRL075, 2013

Lúnasa, instrumental group, & RTÉ Concert Orchestra, instrumental group, Lúnasa with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, Lúnasa Records LCD002, 2013. Enhanced CD includes live film of Lúnasa performing Morning nightcap

Lyn, Dana, fiddle, piano, & Kyle Sanna, guitar, The hare said a prayer to the rainbow and followed the fox down the hole, Sanna & Lyn n.n., 2011

Lynch, Katherine, singing in English, Settling dust, Crashed Records n.n., 2013

McCarthy, Johnny, accordion, & Alph Duggan, guitar, Steele’s rock, Twin Records TRICD006, 2013

Moonlighters, The, instrumental & vocal group, On the quiet, The Moonlighters n.n., 2013. Digital download

Morris, Bernadette, singing in English & Irish, fiddle, All the ways you wander, Morris n.n., 2013

Naughton, Colm, banjo, mandolin, singing in English, The space between the notes, Naughton CNCD995, 2013

Ní Uallacháin, Eithne, flute, singing in Irish, Gerry O'Connor, fiddle, Dessie Wilkinson, flute, Cosa gan bhróga, Gael Linn CEFCD111, 2013. Reissue of LP

New Time Ensemble, instrumental group, A year in Ireland, New Time Ensemble n.n., 2010

O’Brien, Sean, accordion, piano, Next in line, O’Brien n.n., 2009

O’Connor, Sean, singing in English, guitar, whistle, By the firelight, Freed Records n.n., 2010. Digital download

Ó Dochartaigh, Seoirse, singing in English & Irish, guitar, Windmills of the mind, Errigal SCD021, 2013

O’Flaherty, Mazz, guitar, singing in English, bouzouki, bodhran, & Con Durham, uilleann pipes, whistle, Ar an slí: on the way, Living Fire Music CD003, n.d.

O’Flaherty, Terence, singing in English & Irish, guitar, bouzouki, Crosscurrents, O’Flaherty n.n., 2006

O'Halloran Brothers, The, fiddle, accordion, singing in English, The men of the island: Irish traditional music and song, Topic Records TSDL305, 2012. Reissue of LP as digital download

Open the Door for Three, instrumental group, singing in English, Open the door for three, Open the Door for Three n.n., 2012

O’Rourke, Tony, guitar, Memories of Leitrim: traditional Irish music for guitar, O’Rourke n.n., 2012. Digital download

Power, Jimmy, fiddle, Irish fiddle player, Topic Records TSDL306, 2012. Reissue of LP as digital download

Rafferty, Dermot, flute, Emily Rafferty, flute, & Seamus Sands, fiddle, The green bunch of joy: traditional music from Armagh and Down, Rafferty n.n., 2013

Reilly, Mitch, flute, whistle etc, & various, instrumental, Nashville Irish, Reilly n.n., n.d. [2013]

Roche, Claire, singing in English & Irish, harp, Songs from the harp room, Roche CRM15, 2010

Russell Family, The, instrumental & vocal, The Russell Family of Doolin, County Clare, Topic Records TSDL251, 2012. Reissue of LP as digital download

Salamanca Céilí Band, instrumental group, Swing, Salamanca Céilí Band n.n., 2013

Screaming Orphans, vocal & instrumental group, Sliabh Liag, Screaming Orphans n.n., 2013

Seery, Enda, whistle, flute, keyboard, singing in English, Síocháin na tuaithe: peace of the countryside, Seery ESTWCCD02, 2013

Shelta, instrumental group, Four men and a girl, Athos Productions ATH-SHE-2010, 2010; Shelta, Shelta SHO1/1, 2006

Solas, vocal & instrumental, Shamrock city, THL Records THL001, 2012

Superbelle, instrumental group, Superbelle, Superbelle n.n., 2013. Digital download

Various, singing in English, instrumental, A woman’s heart: 20th anniversary collection, Dolphin Traders Ltd. WHTVCD20, 2012

Various, instrumental & vocal, Classic Celtic music from Smithsonian Folkways, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings SFW40560, 2013

Various, instrumental, singing in English & Irish, Fiddle Fair 3 2007-2011: live at the Baltimore Fiddle Fair, Declan McCarthy n.n., n.d. [2013]. 2 CDs

Various, instrumental & vocal, Masters of their craft, Tara Music TARACD3039, 2013

Various, singing in English, instrumental group, O’Carolan songwriter, Pubblog n.n., 2013. Digital download

Various, instrumental, Pure Irish airs & melodies, Irish Music Licensing AARCD1427, 2009

Various, singing in English, Pure Irish ballads, Irish Music Licensing ARRCD1428, 2009

Various, singing in English, Pure Irish folk, Irish Music Licensing ARRCD1426, 2011

Various, singing in English, Pure Irish love songs, Irish Music Licensing ARRCD1429, 2009

Various, singing in English, Pure Irish rebels, Irish Music Licensing ARRCD1440, 2009

Various, instrumental, Pure Irish traditional, Irish Music Licensing ARRCD1426, 2009

Various, instrumental, The lark in the clear air: Irish traditional music played on small instruments, Topic Records TSDL230, 2012. Reissue of LP as digital download

Various, instrumental, singing in English & Irish, TradSoc charity CD 2013 in aid of UCD Volunteers Overseas, TradSoc UCD n.n., 2013

Yanks, The, instrumental group, The four-faced liar, Alderson, Foley, Gurney, & Earnest n.n., 2013