Commercial Sound Recordings, July 2016

Recently published CDs, digital downloads & LPs of Irish traditional music, July 2016

Cd Jul 2016

Beoga, instrumental & vocal group, Before we change our mind, Beoga BEOGA06, [2016]. CD & digital download

Boyle, Néillidh, fiddle, A feeling in the blood, Cairdeas n.n., 2015. Digital download

Caldwell, Conor, fiddle, Danny Diamond, fiddle, North, Caldwell & Diamond DD2CC, 2016. CD

Cassidy, Frank, fiddle, Níl gar ann, Cairdeas n.n., 2015. Digital download

Dallahan, vocal & instrumental group, When the day is on the turn, Dallahan DLHN002, 2015. CD & digital download

Dallahan, vocal & instrumental group, Matter of time, Dallahan DLHN003, 2015. CD & digital download

Denvir, Síle, & various, vocal & instrumental music, Caithréim: ceol agus amhráin ó dhrámaí an Phiarsaigh = music and song from the plays of Patrick Pearse, Cló Iar-Chonnachta CICD201, 2016. CD & digital download

Derravaragh [Westmeath Comhaltas youth group], The bucks of Westmeath, Comhaltas n.n., [2015]. CD

Dexys, vocal & instrumental group, Let the record show: Dexys do Irish and country soul, 100% 100CDX51, 2016. CD

Enright, Philip, singing in English, Raised on songs and stories, Enright n.n., 2011. CD

Faherty's, The, instrumental & vocal group, Traditional Irish music, The Faherty's n.n., 2014. Digital download

Fir Bolg, instrumental & vocal group, Casadh an tsúgáin, Fir bolg n.n., [2012]. CD

Glenside, The, instrumental group, Take the floor with the Glenside & special guest, Mick Foster, Glenside n.n., n.d.. CD

Goitse, instrumental & vocal group, Inspired by chance, Goitse GSECD4, 2016. CD & digital download

Goode, Pat, & various, vocal & instrumental music, Swedes, sprouts and spaghetti ooh la la: Euro 2016 France, Goode n.n., [2016]. CD

Hanly, Mick, singing in English, guitar, & various, instrumental music, Homeland, Celtic CCCD1070, 2016. CD

High Kings, The, vocal & instrumental group, Grace & glory, Celtic CCCD1075, 2016. CD

Kavanagh, Richie, singing in English, singing in Irish, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Celebrating 20 years of 'aon focal eile', Focal FOCALCD041, 2016. CD

Kirrane, Ann, singing in English, concertina, & various, instrumental music, Behind yon mountain, Kirrane AK03, 2016. CD & digital download

Langen, Tim, fiddle, & Helen Gubbins, accordion, Irish traditional music, Langen & Gubbins n.n., 2010. CD

MacFarlane, Iain, fiddle, & various, instrumental music, Gallop to callop, Old Laundry OLP005, 2016. CD

Magill, Andrew Finn, fiddle, & various, instrumental music, Roots, Magill n.n., 2016. Digital download 

Maguire, Dónal, singing in English, guitar, banjo, mandolin, Michael Davitt–the forgotten hero? Broadside ballads reflecting his life and times, Rossendale MUSCD007, [2016]. CD reissue

Malinky, vocal & instrumental group, Far better days, Malinky MM001, 2015. CD & digital download

Marum, Jed, singing in English, guitar, & various, instrumental music, Calla's waltz, Marum n.n., 2016. Digital download

Maxwell, Fionnuala, singing in English, Sing a Leitrim song, Maxwell n.n., n.d.. CD

McAuley, Mick, accordion, singing in English, Highs and bellows, McAuley n.n., [2016]. Digital download

McMenamin, Paddy, fiddle, & various, instrumental music, Paddy McMenamin & friends, McMenamin PMM2016, 2016. CD

Molly's Revenge, instrumental group, The western shore, Molri n.n., 2008. Digital download

Molly's Revenge, instrumental group, Aged 10 years, Molri n.n., 2011. Digital download

Molly's Revenge, instrumental group, Trio, Molri n.n., 2013. Digital download

Molly's Revenge, instrumental group, Wintersong, Molri n.n., 2014. Digital download

Molly's Revenge, instrumental group, Lift, Molri n.n., 2016. Digital download

Moore, Christy, singing in English, guitar, bodhrán, & various, instrumental music, Lily, Sony 88985328192, 2016. CD

Murphy, Julie, singing in English, Every bird that flies, Murphy CD02, 2015. CD & digital download

Nua, instrumental group, Flow, Nua n.n., 2016. Digital download

O'Connor, Simon, piano, guitar, & Michelle O'Rourke, singing in English, piano, Left behind: Songs of the 1916 widows, Ergodos ER23, 2016. CD

O'Laughlin, Mike, singing in English, singing in Irish, Ireland by land and sea, O'Laughlin n.n., 2015. CD

O'Loughlin, Brian, flute, Tom Delany, uilleann pipes, & Dessie Kelliher, banjo, guitar, Well for some, O'Loughlin, Delany & Kelliher n.n., 2015. CD

O'Neill, Padraig, fiddle, & Ian Kinsella, guitar, When the prescription runs out, O'Neill & Kinsella n.n., [2016]. CD

Ó Súilleabháin, Mícheál, piano, Phoenix rising: Music for the film 'Pioneers & Aviators, the story of Irish aviation', Avolon n.n., [2016]. CD 

Pons Aelius, instrumental group, Pons Aelius, Pons Aelius n.n., 2015. CD & Digital download

Power, David, uilleann pipes, & Willie Kelly, fiddle, Apples in winter, Power & Kelly n.n., 2016. CD

Reiska Folk, vocal & instrumental group, I wish [Ballyfermot College of Further Education], Reiska n.n., [2015]. CD

Robertson, Stanley, singing in English, speech in English, Rum scum scoosh! Songs and stories of an Aberdeen childhood, Elphinstone Institute EICD003, 2006. 2 CDs

Robertson, Stanley, singing in English, The college boy: family gems and jewels from the Traveller tradition, Elphinstone Institute EICD003, 2009. 2 CDs

Rowsome, Kevin, uilleann pipes, Cuisle Cheol na bpíob = The muiscal pulse of the pipes, Rowsome KELEROCD161, 2016. CD

Runa, vocal & instrumental group, Jealousy, Runa n.n., 2009. CD & digital download

Runa, vocal & instrumental group, Stretched on your grave, Runa n.n., 2011. Digital download

Scanlon, Pauline, singing in English, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Gossamer, Scanlon n.n., [2016]. CD & digital download

Schlesinger, Reidun, harp, & Paul de Grae, guitar, Amala: 'resonance', Schlesinger & de Grae AMCD01, 2016. CD & digital download

Senior Traditional Music Group, FCJ Secondary School, Bunclody, instrumental group, Trad mad, FCJ n.n., [2016]. CD

Seomra 20, instrumental & vocal group, Class tunes [Ballyfermot College of Further Education], Seomra 20 S2001, 2016. CD

Smith, Jesse, fiddle, Sean Gavin, flute, John Blake, piano, & Johnny 'Ringo' McDonagh, bodhrán, Music from the lost continent, Smith, Gavin, & Blake n.n., 2016. CD

Talisk, instrumental group, Pinnacle 67, Talisk n.n., 2015. CD & digital download

Taliska, instrumental & vocal group, Celtic café, Taliska n.n., 2011. CD & digital download

Taliska, instrumental & vocal group, Home, where the music is, Taliska n.n., 2013. CD & digital download

Tir Eolas, vocal & instrumental group, Stories sung, truths told, Tir eolas n.n., 2015. CD & digital download

Tulla Ceilí Band, The, instrumental group, 70th anniversary celebration, The Tulla Ceilí Band n.n., [2016]. CD

Vallely, Cillian, uilleann pipes, low whistle, & Various, instrumental music, The raven's rock, Vallely n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

Various, singing in English, singing in Scottish Gaelic, instrumental music, A' tarraing às an tobar: Raisin' the riches, new arrangements of traditional Gaelic and Scots songs, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig ATAAT2014, 2014. CD