Commercial Sound Recordings, July 2014

Recently published CDs and digital downloads of Irish traditional music, July 2014

Bonar-Bridges, Justin, fiddle, Truth be told, Bonar-Bridges; Bridgebeck Studios, BBS002CD, 2014

Boucher, Gillian, fiddle, Attuned, Boucher n.n., 2013

Burke, Thomas, singing in English, Mother Ireland Irish songs & ballads opera, DB Records DBCD102, n.d.

Byrne, Helena, singing in English & Irish, Ceol, Byrne HBCeol01, 2013

Byrne, Packie Manus, singing in English, Songs of a Donegal man, Topic Records TSDL257, 2013. Reissue of LP as digital download

Ciana, instrumental & vocal group, Loneliest road, Ciana n.n., 2014

Connolly, Martin, accordion, & Maureen Glynn, piano, fiddle, The fort of Kincora, Connolly n.n., 2014. Reissue of LP as CD

Coulter, Phil, piano, Echoes of home: the most glorious Celtic melodies. The solo piano of Phil Coulter, Shanachie 53022, 2014

Crag Road, instrumental & vocal group, Crag Road, Crag Road; Good Little Cat Music n.n., 2014

Cran, vocal & instrumental group, Dally and stray, Black Rose Records BRRCD005, 2014

Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band, instrumental group, Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band, Topic Records TSDL366, 2012.  Reissue of LP as digital download

Diamond, Danny, fiddle, Fiddle music, Diamond DD1 2014

Dillon, Cara, singing in English & Irish, A thousand hearts, Charcoal Records; Sony Music; Soundwave Music 3 Ltd 88843069482, 2014

Doherty, John, fiddle, Bundle and go, Topic Records TSDL398, 2012. Reissue of LP as digital download

Doonan, John, piccolo, At the Feis, Topic Records TSDL368, 2013. Reissue of LP as digital download

Ensemble Musica Humana, instrumental & vocal group, Turlough O’Carolan: a life in song, Ensemble Musica Humana n.n., 2013

Falkenau, Anna, fiddle, viola, Féileacán na saoirse, Falkenau; Scroll Music SM1401, 2014

Fitzgerald, Bridget, singing in Irish & English, Two sides of a Coyne: dhá thaobh den Chadhanach, Fitzgerald; Suspicious Motives n.n., 2014

Fitzgerald, Joe, accordion, Hills of Clare, Fitzgerald n.n., n.d.

Five Mile Chase, instrumental & vocal group, Your town, Five Mile Chase n.n., 2005

Four Star Trio, instrumental & vocal group, Magnetic south, Craft Recording CRC007, n.d. [2014]

Giddings, Liz, fiddle, melodeon, Roger Digby, concertina, & Ken Lees, banjo, piano, guitar, The passing moment, Hoppits HOP009CD, 2014

Glória, Dublin’s Lesbian & Gay Choir, singing in English, Irish & Latin, The Irish connection, Glória GLORCD5009, 2014

Goitse, instrumental & vocal group, Tall tales & misadventures, Goitse BSECD3, 2014

Graham, Len, singing in English, lilting, Wind and water, Topic Records TSDL334, 2013. Reissue of LP as digital download

Hanna, George, singing in English, & Sarah Anne O’Neill, On the shores of Lough Neagh, Topic Records TSDL372, 2013. Reissue of LP as digital download

Hayes, Brendan, singing in English, piano, guitar, ukulele, A visit to Ireland: collection 1, Hayes; Oakley Creative Associates n.n., 2014. Digital download

Horan, Winifred, fiddle, singing in English, Lost girl found, Horan WHM01, 2014

Iarthar, instrumental & vocal group, Iarthar, Ivernia Music IVERR01, 2014

Kelly, Marie, harp, Reflections of Ireland: Irish harp music, Kelly n.n., 2013. Digital download

Litha, vocal & instrumental group, Dancing of the light, Artes Records ARCD3045, 2011

Loughnane, Órna, piano, fiddle, & Eilín Ní Bheaglaoich, singing in Irish & English, Béilín meala: honey mouth, Loughnane & Ní Bheaglaoich n.n., n.d.

Lynched, vocal & instrumental group, Cold old fire, Lynched n.n., 2014; Where did we go wrong?!, Lynched n.n., n.d.

Lyons, John, singing in English, melodeon, May morning dew, Topic Records TSDL165, 2012. Reissue of LP as digital download

McDonagh, Johnny 'Ringo', bodhran, & Conor Keane, accordion, Rough & ready, McDonagh & Keane n.n., 2014

McGlinn, Kieran, singing in English, guitar, Misty hills of home: the songs of Felix Kearney, McGlinn n.n., 2011

McKenna, John, flute, whistle, lilting, singing in English, The music and life of John McKenna: ‘The buck from the mountain’, John McKenna Society, MCKSOC002, 2014. 2 CDs & book

McMahon, Robbie, singing in English, lilting, Old man in the hob, Cois na hAbhna Archive CNH009CD, 2012

Madden, Kevin, fiddle, viola, button accordion, The Sugar Loaf, Madden n.n., 2014

Magical Strings, instrumental group, Longing for Ireland, Magic Hill Music MHMCD20, 2013

Margo, singing in English, 50 songs: 50 years, IML Irish Music Licensing CACD0302, 2014. 3 CDs

Mitchell, Pat, uilleann pipes, Uilleann pipes, Topic Records TSDL294, 2013. Reissue of LP as digital download

More Power to Your Elbow, vocal & instrumental group, Until the last note fades, More Power to Your Elbow n.n., 2013; Best of More Power to Your Elbow, More Power to Your Elbow n.n., n.d.

Moylurg Céilí Band, instrumental group, The rest is history, Moylurg Céilí Band MOY001, 2014

Murphy, Rose, fiddle, accordion, Milltown lass, Topic Records TSDL316, 2013. Reissue of LP as digital download

Ned Devines, The, instrumental & vocal group, Live at Finnegan’s Wake, The Ned Devines n.n., 2013. Digital download

Nugent, Josie, fiddle, octave fiddle, stroh fiddle, & Brian Stafford, uilleann pipes, The caves of Cong, Nugent & Stafford JNBS001, 2014

O’Connell, Blackie, uilleann pipes, & Cyril O’Donoghue, bouzouki, guitar, singing in English, Friars Green, O’Connell & O’Donoghue OCDC001, n.d. [2014]

Ó Riada, Seán, keyboard, harpsichord, Port na bpucaí: previously unreleased keyboard recordings, Gael Linn ORIADACD07, 2014

Ó Sé, Seán, singing in English & Irish, & Peadar Ó Riada, piano, Through banks of mist: amhráIn fódhla, Ó Riada PORCD018, 2014

O’Shaughnessy, Paul, fiddle, flute, The friendly visit: an céilí, O’Shaughnessy POS0002, 2014

O’Sullivan, Bernard, concertina, & Tommy McMahon, concertina, Clare concertinas, Topic Records TSDL1502, 2013. Reissue of LP as digital download

O’Toole, Redmond, guitar, October on Achill, VGo Recordings VG1019, 2010

Pháid, Bernie, singing in Irish & English, ukulele, Síol, Pháid 424372, 2014

Plüschke, Guido, bodhran, & Rolf Wagels, bodhran, Bodhran insight, Liekedeler Musikproduktionen LIECD11025, 2011

Rúna, vocal & instrumental group, Current affairs, Rúna RUNACD004, 2014

Sásta, instrumental & vocal group, Pure wreckin’ match, Sásta n.n., 2014. Digital download

Shannonvale Céilí Band, instrumental group, Shannon’s lovely vale, Shannon Vale DOMCD003, 2014

Stillwater Hobos, The, instrumental group, My love, she’s in America, The Stillwater Hobos n.n., 2014

Tonnta Ceoil, instrumental & vocal group. Lucky for some, Tonna Ceoil n.n., 2014. Digital download

Tunney, Paddy, singing in English, The Irish edge, Topic Records TSDL165, 2013. Reissue of LP as digital download

Tyrell, Seán, singing in English, guitar, mandocello, mandola, banjo, Moonlight on Galway Bay, Longwalk Music LMCD009, 2014

Urban Folk Quartet, The, instrumental & vocal group, The Urban Folk Quartet live, Fellsongs Publishing; The Urban Folk Quartet SAECD8, 2011

Various, instrumental & vocal, & Patrick Cassidy, composer, Calvary: original motion picture soundtrack, Calvary Films Ltd; Varèse Sarabande VSD-7279, 2013

Various, vocal & instrumental, Come by the hills: the west wind blows, Connemara Community Radio n.n., n.d. 2 CDs

Various, singing in English, I pray you pay attention: more traditional songs from around Lough Erne’s shore from the Keith Summers' collections 19771983, Musical Traditions Records MTCD367–8 2014. 2 CDs + booklet

Various, vocal & instrumental, Ireland: Irlande. Traditional musics of today = Musiques traditionnelles d'aujourd'hui, UNESCO UNES08271, 2014. Reissue of CD as digital download & CD

We Banjo 3, instrumental & vocal group, Gather the good, We Banjo 3 WB3CD002, 2014

Yanks, The, instrumental group, Haymaker, Alderson, Foley, Gurney & Earnest n.n., 2014. 2 CDs