Commercial Sound Recordings, January 2015

Recently published CDs and digital downloads of Irish traditional music, January 2015

Agee, Adam, fiddle, & Jon Sousa, guitar, banjo, Suantraí, Agee & Sousa AJ2014A, 2014

Anúna, vocal group, Illuminations, Anúna Teoranta Danú031, 2014. Reissue

Baile an Salsa, vocal & instrumental group, Tribu, Baile an Salsa n.n., 2014

Baragaño, Borja, flute, Asturian bagpipes, uilleann pipes, Where I could go, Baragaño n.n., 2014

Barleyshakes, The, instrumental & vocal group, Grateful, The Barleyshakes APRA, 2011; Pearls & emeralds, The Barleyshakes n.n., 2007

Bonhomme Setter, instrumental group, ObiaOzeta Productions OP-006., 2014

Bracken, Daire, fiddle, & Lorcán Mac Mathúna, singing in Irish, medieval Gaelic syllabic poetry, Preab meadar, Bracken & Mac Mathúna DBLM01, 2014

Brennan, Moya, singing in English & Irish, harp, keyboard, percussion, An Irish Christmas, Beo Records BEOCD007, 2013. Reissue

Bully’s Acre, instrumental group, The Twelve Pins, Big Beat Music BBM002, 2014

Bulman, Jon, singing in English, guitar, Live in Galway, Bulman n.n., 2014

Burning Bridget Cleary, instrumental & vocal group, Totes for goats, Burning Bridget Cleary n.n., n.d. [2011]

Byrne, Neil, guitar, singing in English, Ryan Kelly, singing in English, guitar, Live in Australia, Byrne & Kelly BKM00001, 2014

Caladh Nua, instrumental & vocal group, Honest to goodness, Caladh Nua CN003, 2014

Cantoral, singing in Latin, & Catherine Sergent, director, Let the joyous Irish sing aloud! Laetabundus decantet Hybernicorum cetus, Irish World Academy, University of Limerick CDVE915, 2014

Carberry, Angelina, banjo, Pluckin’ mad, Carberry AC001, 2014

Claddagh Band, The, instrumental group, Part of a tribe, Bell Productions n.n., 2014.  Single as digital download

Clancy, Rose, fiddle, & Brendan Dolan, piano, flute, whistle, Fiddle: piano: bass, Clancy n.n., 2014

Cosán, instrumental group, New roads, Liekedeler Musikproduktionen LIECD13031, 2014

Coscán, instrumental group, Firedance, Newrath Publishing COSCÁNCD3, 2014. EP

Coyne, Aodán, singing in English, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, If we only knew, Coyne n.n., 2014

Crossan, Kate, singing in English & Irish, Away…, Crossan KCAW001, 2014

Davis, Lindsay, fiddle, bass, & Russell Wulfenstein, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bass, Swept away: official Feis sets and speeds, Davis & Wulfenstein DWSW2013, 2013

De Barra, Cormac, harp, & Anne-Marie O’Farrell, harp, Duopoly, O’Farrell & De Barra CD1907, 2014

Devine, Francy, singing in English, & Steve Byrne & Friends, instrumental music, My father told me, Devine POD001, 2014

Doyle, Dennis, harp, keyboard, concertina, dulcimer, Irish gifts: St. Patrick's Day, Incarnation Music; Doyle n.n., 2014

Fahertys, The, instrumental group, singing in Irish, The Fahertys, The Fahertys n.n., 2014. Digital download

Fleming, Tommy, singing in English, The West’s awake, Fleming TFPCD0013, 2014

Frankfurter, Aryeh, harp, Celtic harp: the morning dew, Arc Music Productions Int. EUCD2496, 2014

Fraoch, instrumental & vocal group, First things first, Fraoch n.n., 2014

Galway International Retro Orchestra, instrumental group, GIRO, GIRO AGKM101, 2014

Gaughan, Pat, singing in English, guitar, Parting glass, Gaughan; Wood Ring Records n.n., 2014

Heslin, Áine, flute, whistle, The tunes foundry, Heslin n.n., 2014

High Kings, The, vocal & instrumental group, Four friends live, Celtic Collections CCDHK1040, 2014. With DVD

Jeremiahs, The, instrumental & vocal group, The Jeremiahs, The Jeremiahs n.n., 2014

JigJam, instrumental & vocal group, Oh boy!, JigJam JJCD111, 2014

Kíla, vocal & instrumental group, Suas síos, Kíla Records KRCD015, 2015

Leitner, Karin, flute, & Cormac De Barra, harp, Music of great Irish houses, Leitner & De Barra n.n., 2007

McLoughlin Noel, singing in English, guitar, mandolin, whistle, bouzouki, percussion, & Ger O’Donnell, singing in English, bouzouki, whistle, keyboard, piano, cello, double bass, percussion etc., Christmas in Ireland, Arc Music Productions Int. EUCD2548, 2014

Men Without Names, speech in English, instrumental music, Men Without Names, Men Without Names n.n., 2014

Moynihan, Fionnuala, piano, The ivory lady, Moynihan FMCD001, 2014

Ní Chaoimh, Aoife, fiddle, & Paudie O’Connor, accordion, Didn't she dance and dance: Sliabh Luachra music on fiddle and accordion, Ní Chaoimh & O’Connor PBCD2014, 2014

Ní Uallacháin, Eithne, singing in Irish & English, Bilingua, Gael Linn CEFCD206, 2014

North Cregg, instrumental & vocal group, The Roseland barndance, North Cregg; Greentrax CDTRAX308, 2007

Ó hÉanaigh, Seán, singing in Irish, English & Scottish Gaelic, guitar, The tides that bind: fánaíocht, Éinniú ÉÚCD002, 2014

O’Leary, Caitríona, singing in English, & Tom Jones, Rosanne Cash & Rhiannon Giddens, singing in English, The Wexford carols, Heresy Records HERESY016, 2014

Ó Riada, Peadar, harpsichord, concertina, piano, & Claisceadal Chúil Aodha, singing in Irish, Ceol is cibeal Chúil Aodha, Gael Linn CEFCD074, 2013. Reissue of LP

O’Rourke, Susan, singing in English, guitar, & Zig Zeitler, bouzouki, mandolin, guitar, banjo, Chance the arm, Smokin’ Sleddog Records 2858-1-SSR, 2014

O'Sullivan, Dympna, concertina, Enriched: saibhriú, DOS Music DOSCD002, 2014

Putnam, Alycia, fiddle, Wired for sound, Putnam n.n, 2013

Redmond, Mark, uilleann pipes, & David Bremner, pipe organ, L’air du temps: the spirit of the times, Bremner & Redmond n.n., 2014

Róisín Bán, instrumental & vocal group, White rose, Róisín Bán RB1, 2014

Ross, Paul Kara, instrumental music, He is born: a medieval and Irish Christmas, Kara Ross n.n., 2012

Sea Road Sessions, instrumental & vocal group, Sea Road Sessions, Sea Road Sessions; Blackbox Music BBM008, 2015. EP

Skipper’s Alley, instrumental & vocal group, Skipper’s Alley, Skipper’s Alley SACD002, 2014. CD & download

Skyhook, instrumental & vocal group, At the stringsmith’s forge, Skyhook Music SHMCD02, n.d. [2014]; Skyhook, Skyhook Music SHMCD01, 2008

TinWhistler, instrumental music, TineWhistler, TinWhistler TINW01, 2014

Trí-Tones, The, instrumental group, singing in English, The Trí-Tones, The Trí-Tones TTT001, 2014

Various, vocal & instrumental, A Celtic Christmas: Marc Gunn's Irish & Celtic music podcast, Mage Records n.n., 2013

Various, singing in Irish, instrumental music, Amhráin ó Iorrus: amhráin agus ceol ó Iorras Domhnann, Contae Mhaigh Eo, s.n. n.n., n.d. [2014]

Various, vocal & instrumental, A Murray Christmas, RTÉ RTÉ287CD, 2012; A Murray Christmas 2, RTÉ RTÉ290CD, 2014

Various, vocal & instrumental, O sweet woods: Irish & Scottish airs, ATMA Classique ACD23012, 2013

Various, instrumental, Riches of Clare Volume 2, Clare Arts Office n.n., 2014

Various, instrumental & vocal, 101 Irish folk, Dolphin Records; Dolphin Traders Ltd DOLTV5CD105, 2014. 5 CDs

Wolfe Tones, vocal & instrumental group, 50th anniversary concert live with the Celtic Symphony Orchestra, Celtic Collections CCCDBX1000, 2014. 2 CDs