Commercial DVDs, February 2006

Recently published commercial DVDs of Irish traditional music, Feb. 2006

Benny O’Carroll’s Traditional All-Ireland Band, see CDs

Brady, Paul, guitar, The Guitar of Paul Brady, Homespun, DVD-BDY-GT21. Reissue of video

Burke, Kevin, fiddle, Learn to Play the Irish Fiddle DVD One, Homespun, DVD-BUR-FI21; DVD Two, Homespun DVD-BUR-FI22. Reissue of videos

Cunningham, Matt, accordion etc., Irish Set Dancing Made Easy vols 1-3, Ainm, ARDVD001-003 (3 DVDs)

Dervish, instrumental & vocal group, Live at Johnny Fox’s, Doonaree, DNRDVD002. Reissue of video

Doyle, John, guitar, Irish Rhythm Guitar, Homepsun, DVD-DOY-GT21. Reissue of video

Kelly, Luke, singing in English, Luke Kelly: The Performer, Celtic Airs, CADVD0202 (DVD & CD)

McLeod, Zan, bouzouki, Learn to Play the Irish Bouzouki, Homespun, DVD-ZMC-BZ21. Reissue of video

McCullough, L. E., whistle, Learn to Play Irish Tinwhistle, Homespun, DVD-LEM-TW21. Reissue of video

Various, instrumental, vocal & dance Come West Along the Road vol. 1, RTÉ, RTEDVD99

Various, instrumental, vocal & dance Exploring Trad, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, n.n., n.d. [2005; educational, not for sale]

Various, instrumental, vocal & dance, Mummers, Masks and Mischief – Aughakillymaude’s Men of Straw, Aughakillymaude Community Association, n. n., n.d. [2005]

Williams, John, accordion, Learn to Play Irish Button Accordion, Homespun, DVD-WIL-AC21. Reissue of video

Williams, John, concertina, Learn to Play Irish Concertina, Homespun, DVD-WIL-CN21.Reissue of video