Commercial Sound Recordings, June 2008

Recently published CDs of Irish traditional music, May–June 2008

Geraldine Bradley 1

Ainslie, Ross, & Jarlath Henderson, border pipes, whistles, & uilleann pipes, low whistle, Partners in Crime, Vertical Records VERTCD085, 2008

Ardellis Ceili Band, instrumental & vocal group, Golden Anniversary of the Ardellis Ceili Band 1957–2007, Chart Label CHCD119, 2007

Bradley, Geraldine, singing in Irish & English, From the Rising Spring, Cloch Fhuaráin, Bradley n.n., 2007

Casey, Karan, singing in Irish & English, Ships in the Forest, Crow Valley Music CVCD001, 2008

Celtic Fiddle Festival, instrumental group, Equinoxe, Loftus Music LM003, 2008

Conway, Brian, Tony de Marco, & Caesar Pacifici, fiddles & guitar, The Apple in Winter, Green Linnet GLCD1035, 1981, 2000. Reissue of LP

Donnelly, Maeve, & Tony McManus, fiddle & guitar, Flame on the Banks, Donelly n.n., 2008

Gavin, Frankie, Rick Epping, & Tim Edey, fiddle, harmonica & concertina, & guitar, Jiggin’ the Blues, Greentrax G2CD7011, 2008

Irvine, Andy, & Paul Brady, singing in English, Andy Irvine, Paul Brady, Compass Records/ Mulligan LUNCD3008, 2008. Reissue of LP

Outside Track, The, instrumental & vocal group, The Outside Track, Bedspring Music BOING0701, 2007

Rattle the Boards, instrumental & vocal group, The Parish Platform, Doon Productions DP001, n.d. [2008]

Sands Family, The, singing in English, Keep on Singing, Spring Records SCD1056, 2008

Scahill, Fergal, fiddle, The Dusty Bridge, FS Records FSCD0001, 2008

Smyth, Cora, fiddle, Are We There Yet?, Smyth & Horsman W.EDGE1, 2008