Commercial Sound Recordings, February 2009

Recently published CDs of Irish traditional music, Jan.–Feb. 2009

Barry, Margaret, banjo, singing in English, Queen of the Gypsies, Emerald EMCD8004, 2008. Reissue of LP

Bothy Band, The, instrumental & vocal group, The Bothy Band 1975, Compass Records/ Mulligan Records LUNCD002, 2008. Reissue of LP

Carty, Paddy, Conor Tully & Frank Hogan, flute, fiddle & mandola, Traditional Music of Ireland, Trad Ireland TradCD002, 2008. Reissue of cassette

Clancy, Liam, singing in English, The Wheels of Life, Dolphin DOLTVCD115, 2008

Donal Ring Ceili Band, instrumental & vocal group, Come to the Ceili, Trad Ireland TradCD048, 2008; 21st Anniversary, Trad Ireland TradCD018, 2008. Reissues of LPs

Drew, Ronnie, singing in English, The Best of Ronnie Drew, All Media Entertainment CACD0602, 2007 (2 CDs). Reissued from LPs etc.

Finn, Fred, & Peter Horan, fiddle & flute, Music of Sligo. Fidil ‘s Feadóg ‘Ceol Sligigh’, Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann CL 70, 2008. Reissue of LP with deletions and additions

Hernon, P.J., accordion, Buail Cois Air, Trad Ireland TradCD004, 2008. Reissue of cassette

Lyons, Neill, bodhrán, group accompaniment, Skins + Sins, Lyonsie Records NLCD001, 2008

McGlynn, Arty, Chris Newman, Nollaig Ní Chathasaigh & Máire Ní Chathasaigh, instrumental & vocal group, Heartstring Sessions, Old Bridge Music OBMCD18, 2008

Mulholland, Brendan, Brendan Hendry & Paul McSherry, flute, fiddle & guitar, Tuned up, Mullholland, Hendry & McSherry n.n., 2008

O’Connor, Paudie, & John O’Brien, accordion & uilleann pipes, Wind & Reeds, O’Connor & O’Brien PBCD1976, 2008

Ó Domhnaill, Mícheál, singing in Irish & English, guitar, etc., Keep ‘er Lit: The Songs and Music of Mícheál Ó Domhnaill, Mícheál Ó Domhnaill Trust MOD0001, 2008. Memorial reissues from LPs etc. in book format

O’Donnell, Al, singing in English, Ramble Away, AME CACD1301, 2008. (2 CDs)

Ó Riada, Seán, Ceoltóirí Chualann, Darach Ó Catháin, Seán Ó Sé, instrumental group, vocalists, Pléaráca an Riadaigh, Gael Linn ORIADACD04, 2008. (3 CDs) Reissue of LPs

Spillane, John, singing in Irish, John Spillane’s Irish Songs We Learned at School, EMI CDJS2, 2008

Various, singing in Irish, Corn Uí Riada Buaiteoirí 1972–2007, Cló Iar-Chonnachta CICD177, 2008. (2 CDs)

Various, vocal & instrumental, Éistígí, Dara TORTV2CD1187, 2008. (2 CDs) Reissues from LPs etc.

Various, vocal & instrumental, The Late Late Show Tribute to the Dubliners, All Media Entertainment CACD0111, 2008. See also DVDs

Various, vocal & instrumental, Lóchrann 2008, Mary Immaculate College, 2008

Various, instrumental & vocal, Rogha Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy, Oidhreacht an Chláir CD020A, [2008]. (2CDs)