Commercial Sound Recordings, April 2006

Recently published CDs of Irish traditional music, Mar.–Apr. 2006

Butcher, Eddie, singing in English, Adam in Paradise, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Irish Traditional Music Archive UFTM-ITMA101, 2005. Re-issue of EP

Cran, instrumental & vocal group, The Crooked Stair, Black Rose Records BRRCD001, 2005. Re-issue of CD

Dervish, instrumental & vocal group, A Healing Heart, Whirling Discs WHRL009, 2005

Dillon, Eoin, uilleann pipes, The Third Twin, Kila Records KRCD201, 2005

Hayes, Kitty, concertina, & Peter Laban, uilleann pipes, ‘They’ll Be Good Yet’, Hayes & Laban n.n., 2005

Kennedy, Éilís, singing in English & Irish, Béilín Meala: One Sweet Kiss, Kennedy n.n., 2005

Lynch, Brendan P., fiddle, Irish Traditional Fiddle Music from the Heart of Fingal, Lynch BLCD02, 2005

McAuley, Mick, accordion, singing in English, & Winifred Horan, fiddle, Serenade, Compass Records 744162, 2006

Various, instrumental & vocal, Kieran Hanrahan’s Ten Years of Céilí House, RTÉ RTE266CD, 2005

Various, instrumental & vocal, The Touch of the Master’s Hand: Mo Cheol Thú, RTÉ RTE267CD, 2005 (reissue of CD)