Printed Materials, March 2011

Recently published books, articles & theses in Irish traditional music, Jan.–Feb. 2011

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‘From the archive: Music from James Gandsey; Music in Glenflesk in the 1820s’ in An píobaire vol. 7, no 1 (Feb. 2011), pp. 18–25. Extracts from Legends of the Lakes, Thomas Crofton Croker, London, 1829

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Parsley’s lyric repository, for 1788: containing the most approved English, Scotch, and Irish songs, duets, trios, that have been sung at the Theatres Royal, Vauxhall, Royalty-Theatre, Michigan: ECCO Print Editions, 2011. 108 pp. ISBN 9781171221418 (pbk.). Print ed. of digital scan [1788]

Spencer, Scott, The piper calls the tune: how uilleann bagpipers averted obsolescence through technology, networks and community, Thesis (PhD): New York University, 2010. xi+435 pp. (hbk.)

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