Acquisitions, July 2013

Some items of interest acquired by the Archive within the last two months

Digitised CD copy of studio recording made by the group The Buskers on 23 January 1965 at Revol Recording Studio, and featuring Pierce McAuliffe, Derrig Monks & David Smyth.  Donated by Dave Smyth

Video of ITMA studio interview of Dave Smyth and Tom Crean, Dublin, on career of their singing group The Press Gang (1960s–1970s) and on origins of sea song 'Fall down, Billy O'Shea'

Collection of 20th-century commercial sound recordings. Donated by Marianne Cosgrave, Mercy Congregational Archives

Collection of 20th-century Irish & international song books.  Donated by Fergus Russell

Ballad sheet containing four songs printed by Nicholson of Belfast, n.d. but 19th-century 

Concert programmes of O'Neill School of Dancing and National Culture, Glasgow, 1950–1960.  Donated by Frank O'Neill

Catalogue of Gerard Dillon, Art and Friendships Summer Loan Exhibition, 2–26 July 2013, Dublin.  Donated by David Britton, Adams

Items of early 20th-century London publishing of Irish song & instrumental music.  Donated by Noel Ryan

ITMA would also like to acknowledge with thanks donations and other help from the following people and organisations:  Baile an Salsa, Boston College Centre for Irish Programs, Nigel Boullier, Keith Brunkard, Cló Iar-Chonnacht, Marianne Cosgrave, Tom Crean, CSUN Scholar Works, Cillian Doheny, DIT, Martin Enright, Gael Linn, Tom Greene, Nic Gareiss, Aoife Granville, Robert Heuston, ICTM Ireland, Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, Laura MacKenzie, Andrés Martorell, Moxie, Musicians' Union of Ireland, Na Píobairí Uilleann, NUIM, North American Association of Lowland & Border Pipers,  Feargal Ó Béara, OMEA, Garry O'Meara, Mick Quinn, Royal Irish Academy Library, RUcore, Raymond Smith, Dave Smyth, Society of Musicology in Ireland, Ulster Historical Foundation, JB Vallely, & Kiran Young Wimberly