Acquisitions, July 2010

Items of interest acquired by the Archive within the last two months

Some interesting historical print publications have recently been acquired by ITMA, the first a copy of a book which belonged to the English music historian and editor Alfred Moffat who published much Irish music around the turn of the twentieth century:

Bunting, Edward, ed., A general collection of the ancient music of Ireland …, London: Clementi, n.d. [1809]. iii + [32] + 72 pp

Thomson, Andw., ed., The violonists[sic] companion: a selection of Scotch, English, Irish & foreign melodies.  Numbers 1 & 2. Glasgow: J. Brown, n.d. [early 1800s]. 16 & 16 pp.

Caledonian Mercury, 16 Dec. 1844 [broadsheet newspaper containing notice of Irish song recitals by the song composer and editor Samuel Lover, and including ‘the wonderful Story of THE COW THAT ATE THE PIPER’]

Dickson, Geoffrey, ed., Kinallen purple star LOL 247: a collection of Orange songs for Orangemen and loyalists, Kinallen, Co Down: Kinallen LOL 247, n.d. [1987/8]

The Irish historical annals, compiled over centuries in manuscript, provide unique information on prominent Irish musicians. A new study of the annals has been published recently and acquired as part of ITMA’s collection of background and contextual materials to Irish traditional music:

Mc Carthy, Daniel P., The Irish annals: their genesis, evolution and history, Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2010. xvi+416 pp. ISBN 9781846820489 (hbk.)

Two collections of historic sound recordings of Irish traditional music are among the varied materials recently donated to ITMA, the first of 78 rpm discs and the second of commercial audio cassettes and CDs:

Michael M. & Bridget J. Dore Collection

Alan Corsini Donation

We would also like to acknowledge donations and other help from the following people and organisations: John Byrne, Jimmy Carolan, Claddagh Records, Aisling Connolly, Matt Cranitch, Henry Cunningham, Aileen Dillane, Sean Donnelly, Anna M. Dore, Gael Linn, Rita Gallagher, Len Graham, Edel McLoughlin, Dan Milner, Terry Moylan, National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, Old Drogheda Society, John Purser, Fr John Quinn.