St Patrick's Day Postcards On Sale at ITMA

ITMA announces the release of a new line of postcards ... just in time for sharing a bit of St Patrick's Day cheer!

20180226 Img Patricks Day Postcard
ITMA's new line of St Patrick's Day postcards.

This year ITMA's celebrating St Patrick's Day by re-printing a couple of 19th-century postcards. These are available for purchase in our online shop (just follow this link) or you can come in and browse in person! Just €10 gets you a set of 10 postcards that are perfect for celebrating our Irish identity and music this March.

The images on these postcards are part of a long history:

Since the 19th century, Irish postcards have carried representations of Irish social life and symbols of national identity, and this process increased with the rise of national feeling in the early 20th century. Symbols of identity have frequently been musical. (Nicholas Carolan, 1 October 2008)

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