Saothar: a new ITMA series featuring contemporary compositions

Saothar: new compositions for the tradition.

Saothar Cover

Each month ITMA will showcase a different composer and a selection of their recent compositions.  

Each tune will be available as a complete & free learning package:

  • interactive score
  • audio or video recording
  • PDF download of the notes  

There will also be information from the composer about the inspiration behind their work.

SAOTHAR February 2021 Zoë Conway

SAOTHAR January 2021 Charlie Lennon

Saothar: new compositions for the tradition

ITMA are delighted to launch this new series that aims to highlight Irish traditional music as a contemporary artform and a living tradition.  It is also a way for the composers to retain a connection to their compositions and receive due acknowledgement for their work.  

Liam O'Connor, ITMA Director