On the Road with ITMA

A monthly video snapshot of interviews, performances and events recorded by ITMA, curated by ITMA Field Recording Officer Brian Doyle.

On the Road with ITMA November 2019 

On the Road with ITMA October 2019 

On the Road with ITMA September 2019

Each month ITMA records a wide range of performances and events around the country. Interviews and performances are also recorded in our Special Collections Room and ITMA Studio here in Merrion Square, Dublin. You can follow where the ITMA Field Recording Team have been, and are going, by visiting the Events page on the website.

These archival recordings are then processed, catalogued and made available to listen and view at our premises in 73 Merrion Square. Where permissions and opportunity allow we also publish the field recordings online and examples of these can be found in the ITMA Digital Library and our online exhibitions. 

Brian Doyle ITMA Field Recording Officer now presents a monthly video snapshot of field recording activities. We are very grateful to all the performers for permission to share their songs, music and dance.

James Kelly Interview at ITMA