New ITMA Strategy Launched

At the ITMA AGM held on 9 July 2019 in Co. Clare, the Board of ITMA and Director Grace Toland launched a new Strategic Plan for the organisation. 

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From left: Brian Montague, Chairperson ITMA Board, Grace Toland, Director ITMA, and Liam O'Connor Director Designate ITMA

The five-year plan identifies the core themes and strategic priorities which emerged following a considered consultative process which involved the Board, ITMA staff, members of the traditional music community, and with organisations within Ireland and abroad who operate in broadly the same general domain as ITMA – digital repositories, libraries and archives, and resource organisations whose work is linked directly to contemporary creative practice and living traditions.

Organised under the themes of Content, Care and Access, it is hoped the Strategy will provide all readers with an understanding of ITMA's archival principles and its commitment to the living tradition. 

ITMA would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who contributed to the publication of this document. 

The Strategy can be read here

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