ITMA on the radio

ITMA has been working with various European partners on the Europeana Sounds Project to provide audio, and audio-related items, to the Europeana portal.

More information about European Sounds can be found on their website and Europeana Portal itself hosts a dizzying array of digital cultural heritage items from around Europe.

As part of this project the consortium have developed a radio player to provide a new method of interacting with the content. Here is a sample of the radio, initially playing a selection from the 7000+ items that ITMA have contributed in recent years.

The radio player is also an exercise in crowd-sourcing with an in-built facility for listeners to provide genre information about the tracks. We would encourage everyone to add tags and help Europeana and ITMA to enrich their data. The tagging options display on the genre tab once a track is playing.