ITMA to launch Exhibition at Irish Arts Center in New York in November

ITMA is launching its exhibition of Irish music and its unique relationship with New York City – From the Bridge – at the Irish Arts Center in New York on Tuesday 15 November 2022.

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A representative group from ITMA headed by CEO/Director Liam O’Connor, will stage the event in conjunction with the Irish Arts Center. ITMA will also use the opportunity to promote the work and ambitions of the Archive to a new audience in the US.

Highlighting as it does, the enduring cultural connectivity between Ireland and the US, From the Bridge tells the story of our music tradition moving from rural Ireland to the US due to mass emigration.

Archival recordings, photographs, manuscripts and other materials offer an important insight into the broader story of the traditional arts in rural Ireland in the late 19th century while also demonstrating its survival and development in the US following successive waves of mass emigration in the 20th century. It also emphasises how this material continues to inspire contemporary artists in both countries.

The event will include a film presentation and a live musical performance.

Visit and explore From the Bridge HERE

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