Preserving Irish traditional music, song & dance, now and for the future

A case study written by Archivist Maeve Gebruers outlining ITMA's digital preservation journey in collaboration with ARKIVUM.

Itma Arkivium 2021 Case Study

In 2018, the Irish Traditional Music Archive (ITMA) selected Arkivum Perpetua to provide an end-to-end managed solution which ensured accessibility to its valuable sound recordings, still and moving images, manuscripts, printed materials and other irreplaceable assets, as well as safeguard and preserve them for the long term.

As of 2020, the agency has close to 31 terabytes of audio, score and image files and 66 terabytes of video files in their digital collections. In the early days of safeguarding all this data, ITMA faced many challenges, they needed a solution that was both highly secure for safeguarding the valuable digital collection and that also provided their users with an engaging and easy to use search interface.

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