Explore Your Archive 2022 at ITMA

ITMA is delighted to join with the archival community to celebrate the annual #ExploreYourArchive #CuardaighDoChartlann campaign organised by the Archives and Records Association (Ireland).

Irish Traditional Music Archive Explore Your Archive 2022 2

#ExploreYourArchive runs 28 November until the 6 December and is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the wealth of materials managed by a myriad of organisations, communities and individuals across the island of Ireland. During the week ITMA is dedicating a range of its activities to the campaign.

Tuesday 6 December #ExploreYourArchive #CuardaighDoChartlann

Ceol: A Journal of Irish Music digitised online

ITMA has been enabled, courtesy of the Breathnach family, to republish Breandán Breathnach’s 1963–86 periodical Ceol: A Journal of Irish Music on its website for public access.

Two volumes are being digitised per month and today we dedicate volumes 3 and 4 to #ExploreYourArchive #CuardaighDoChartlann 2022

Thursday 1 December #ExploreYourArchive #CuardaighDoChartlann

John Cullinane's Visit to the ITMA

ITMA welcomed Dr John Cullinane to No 73 Merrion Square, Dublin in November 2022 to see at first-hand the work which is being done to preserve and catalogue the Cullinane Archive Collection (CAC).

View a video of John's visit to ITMA below.

John Cullinane's Visit to the Irish Traditional Music Archive (ITMA) - YouTube

Wednesday 30 November #ExploreYourArchive #CuardaighDoChartlann

Saoithe Matt Molloy

Matt Molloy is ITMA's featured SAOITHE tradition bearer this week. Watch it now on YouTube.

Drawing from the Well SAOITHE Matt Molloy - YouTube

Matt Molloy

Tuesday 29 November #ExploreYourArchive #CuardaighDoChartlann

Bunting Digital Harp Collection

Today we are sharing the recordings of harper Claire O'Donnell in our penultimate Bunting upload ITMA | Edward Bunting Digital Harp Collection

Claire plays tunes tunes 55–60 accompanied by interactive scores of the melodies from "A General Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland [Volume 1]" (1797).

Over centuries these melodies have been nurtured by the "archivists of the oral tradition - the musicians" - and by Bunting who transcribed their legacy in a manuscript collection now held at Special Collections Queen's University Belfast Library. ITMA and Music Network have been able to draw on the power of digitisation to share & enrich this legacy through this Digital Collection, and the amazing Aideen Barry multimedia commission Oblivion.

  • Torilag Og Mac Donach, air = Young Terence McDonough, air
  • Isiobal Buircach, air = Isabella Burk, air
  • A bhfaca tu mo Bhalentine?, air = Have you seen my Valentine?, air
  • Plangstigh an Johnstonach, air = Planxty Johnston, air
  • Bob Isordan, air = Bob Jordan, air
  • Da mheadh spre ag a' gcat, air = If the cat had gold, air


Timing is everything in traditional music! Enjoy a playlist of recordings showcasing the most common time signatures and/or tune types in the tradition.

ITMA | #ExploreYourArchive TIME #CuardaighDoChartlann

Monday 28 November #ExploreYourArchive #CuardaighDoChartlann


Saothar composer for the month of November is Erin McGeown. https://www.itma.ie/blog/saothar/erin-mcgeown The Armagh fiddler now based in An Spidéal shares seven of her compositions in a free interactive learning package: sound recordings, interactives scores, staff/ABC notation, notes on the tunes and a playlist.

Saothar this month is dedicated to the annual Archives and Records Association (Ireland) #exploreyourarchive #CuardaighDoChartlann campaign championing the role of archives in Ireland.

Saothar celebrates ITMA's work in archiving, and in giving free and innovative access to contemporary traditional arts in Ireland.


A handwritten set list or 'plan' from the Michael Tubridy Collection at ITMA. This set list is possibly that of the 1969 Ó Riada sa Gaiety concert in which Michael performed as part of Ceoltóirí Chualann.

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