Celtic Media Festival Award 2018

The 2016 Christmas Day Episode of Pantisocracy a winner in the best Radio Magazine Show category at this year's Celtic Media Festival. The staff at ITMA congratulate Director Grace Toland for her role in this production.

20180508 Pantisocracy
The performers for the 2016 edition of Pantisocracy (left to right): Amanda Coogan, Grace Toland, Lenny Abrahamson, Panti Bliss, Róisín Elsafty, and Gavin Friday.

The Celtic Media Festival is an annual three-day celebration of broadcasting and film excellence from Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany. This year it was held in Llanelli, Wales from the 2–4 May 2018.

Produced by Athena Media, the winning episode of Pantisocracy was a ‘cabaret of conversations’ about home, memory, and belonging. It aired on Christmas Day 2016 and featured film maker Lenny Abrahamson, performer Gavin Friday, ITMA Director Grace Toland, Sean-Nós singer Róisín Elsafty, and artist Amanda Coogan.

Watch selections from the winning episode at athenamedia.ie.