Emily Fitzsimmons, ITMA/Stint Intern

Following Casey Burgess in 2016, Emily is our second Stint intern

Emily Fitzsimons

We work with a number of organisations to deliver work experience in ITMA including Stint. With Stint we select graduates who have a specific career interest in the world of archives and libraries and we were delighted to have Casey Burgess on board last year, and since September 2017, Emily Fitzsimmons.

Emily shows a real passion for history and the arts, from her undergraduate degree to working with North End Center for Music & Performing Arts & Lexington Historical Society, in her home city of Boston. ITMA was especially interested to find out more about her Masters in Arts & Cultural Management from King's College London, so it's been a learning experience for both Emily & ITMA since she joined the team.

Emily has been gaining some general experience with all staff but is now concentrating on a digital project on the opera Eithne which she is curating and researching. It will be uploaded in the coming weeks.