Old Irish Folk Music and Songs: Part III Forde Collection

  1. An sparáinín airgid
  2. The little purse of money
  3. An caithteach chrón
  4. Air
  5. Margaret O’Neill
  6. Paddy Seán Bán
  7. The humours of Glenflesk — jig
  8. Why should we quarrel for riches
  9. The miller’s maggot
  10. Giolla na dayhie
  11. Máire mhórdhálach
  12. Barbara Needham
  13. My jewel, my joy
  14. My Kathleen dear: or Lough Rea
  15. The roving sailor
  16. Druimin dubh dílis
  17. The branded cow
  18. The nine points of knavery — reel
  19. Michael Ward: or Michael O’Connor
  20. A Mháire Ni Chuillionáin
  21. Giolla Dubh O’Glamharáin
  22. An bóthar dubh
  23. Cuan Bhaile Seóin
  24. The foggy morning
  25. I will rise in the morn by the dawn of bright day
  26. The trooper’s wife
  27. Is fada liom siar an cruach
  28. Nelly a chailín deas — Nelly, my pretty girl
  29. My native mountain home
  30. The love letter
  31. Captain MacGreal of Connemara
  32. The lamentation of James Murphy
  33. An stáicín eórna
  34. Charles McHugh, the robber
  35. The feast of the birds
  36. The maid of Garryowen
  37. If the grog is good, we will have more of it
  38. Make haste home to your mother
  39. Patrick O’Donovan the piper
  40. Nelly Bawn
  41. Bring home the bride
  42. Get up, my darling, and come with me
  43. The morning star
  44. Brigit Geary
  45. Lamentation of O’Reilly’s bride
  46. It was on a fair calm morning
  47. Oro a dtiucfaidh tu
  48. Peggy O’Hara’s wedding
  49. Brian MacCowall
  50. Bogadh faoi shúsa
  51. Cois aimhne na Leamhna
  52. Gradh geal mochroidhe — gra gal machree
  53. Bobbity Dawly
  54. Caoine — keen or lament
  55. The groves of Blackpool
  56. Young men, if you go to the fair
  57. The blacksmith and his son
  58. My journey to London
  59. The peep o’ day ranger
  60. The Kerryman’s visit to Dublin
  61. The blind beggar of the glen
  62. An figheadóir bán
  63. Between Clonmel and Carrick-on-Suir
  64. One day in my rambles
  65. An spailpín fánach
  66. Anna Bhán
  67. I wish I was a fisherman living on the Hill of Howth
  68. Lord King
  69. The green shady glen
  70. Nóra an chúil ómair
  71. Air
  72. The Battle of Clontarf — A March Tune
  73. Jig
  74. Kitty O’Neill
  75. Red-Haired Mary
  76. San Ól or Ól Dán
  77. Beannacht agus Ceud Leis
  78. An Amhainn Mhór
  79. Ma Se Sin Agutsa
  80. Air
  81. The Galty Hunt
  82. Solomon’s Temple
  83. Why Do You Leave Me?
  84. The Outcast Daughter
  85. James Irwin
  86. Falluinn air Fhalluinn
  87. Air
  88. Air
  89. The Garden Gate
  90. Down by the Banks of the Sweet Primroses
  91. The Humours of Ballinaraheen — Jig
  92. The Mason’s March
  93. Larry Grogan
  94. Farewell to Spain
  95. The Old Woman’s Hornpipe
  96. Go Home, Go Home, Dear Cousin
  97. Air
  98. The Killiney Maiden
  99. Farewell, My Old Comrades
  100. The Cock and the Hen
  101. The Weaver’s Daughter from the County Down
  102. In the County Armagh
  103. Hall’s Mill — Song Air
  104. The Stonecutter’s Jig
  105. Jig
  106. The White Horse — Song Air
  107. Planxty by Carolan
  108. Sir Henry McDermot Roe
  109. Harry Munro or Coolin Roe
  110. Lament
  111. The Rebel’s Farewell
  112. Paddy’s Wedding
  113. Air
  114. Air
  115. Air
  116. The Glasgow Lasses
  117. An Caoch Eólaighe
  118. ’Tis the Whiskey that Makes Life’s Cares Lie Light on Me
  119. Pretty Polly
  120. O Maureen, My Darling
  121. Air
  122. The Banks of the Lagan
  123. Air
  124. You Gentlemen of England
  125. A Kiss in the Kitchen
  126. The Fairies’ Lamentation
  127. The Banks of the Bann
  128. The Third of August — Song Air
  129. Peggy Aroon
  130. Lough Gowna
  131. Mailli Ni Maoluain
  132. Lough Sheeling
  133. An Leanbh Aimhréidh
  134. Seabhac na h-Eirne
  135. The Coolin
  136. An Ceannuighe ó’n Earna
  137. Boherroe
  138. An Cailín Ruadh
  139. It Is Not Time to Go, Boys
  140. Sean Bho Mhaol
  141. In My Father’s Pleasant Gardens
  142. The Weaver’s Daughter
  143. Mourne Shore
  144. Múirnín Geal Mo Chroidhe
  145. Een Been Bubbero!
  146. Ree Ro Raddy-O
  147. How Shall I Find Her Home Room?
  148. I Wish I Was in Banagher
  149. The Paddereen Mare
  150. The Banished Defender
  151. Dan Kelly’s Perjury
  152. Rose Ward
  153. Erin My Country
  154. The Yeomen of Ballinamore
  155. He That Will Marry Me
  156. Sighile Bheag Ni Chonnallain
  157. Little Celia O’Connellan
  158. Little Celia O’Connellan
  159. An Cailín Deas Mín
  160. Shall We Ever Be in One Lodging?
  161. Ogánaigh an Chuil Dualaigh
  162. Cavan O’Reilly
  163. Ancient Irish Hymn on the Crucifixion
  164. Ancient Irish Hymn on the Crucifixion
  165. Barney Is in Prison
  166. Peggy Was Mistress of My Heart
  167. Mullach Scríne
  168. Up the Heathery Mountain and Through the Rushy Fields
  169. We Will Go to Tara’s Hill
  170. The Straddy — Song Tune
  171. I Am a Real Republican
  172. The Cradle Will Rock and the Baby Will Fall
  173. Castle Finn
  174. The Bird Alone
  175. Cúl Áluinn Mo Chailín Donn
  176. A Shéumais A Ghradh
  177. The Comely Girl Both Tall and Straight
  178. I Wish I Was a Silver Watch That in My True Love’s Pocket I Might Lodge
  179. The River Linn
  180. An Bunnán Buidhe
  181. My Wedding Is Preparing
  182. I’m Weary of Walking Alone
  183. Lamentation for Father Charles O’Rodican
  184. Mo Reulta Eóluidhe
  185. The Cuckoo
  186. I Oft Heard My Grandmother Say
  187. Mo Lóndubh Beag Aoibhinn
  188. Lord Baykim
  189. Johnny Peyton
  190. Jemmy and Nancy
  191. Cúl na Lúb
  192. Nancy Cooper
  193. Una A Rúin — Winnie Dear
  194. Mainister an Bhuill
  195. Take My Life for His, She Said
  196. I Heard a Maid in Bedlam A-Making Sore Complaint
  197. Trip with the Roving Shooler
  198. The Top of Slieve Gullion
  199. Is Buachaillín Beag Óg Me
  200. The Bag of Sundries
  201. Is Baintreabhach agus Maighdean Me
  202. I’ll Travel to Mount Nebo
  203. Many a Pleasant Hour My Love and I Did Pass
  204. The Greenwood Lad
  205. Fallainn a Fuair a Chiorrbhadh
  206. Glaisín Óg na g-Craobh
  207. The Dolphin
  208. Mild O’Reilly
  209. Darling, Don’t Refuse Me
  210. At Cloone Church Gate the Fight Began
  211. Pretty Polly Like a Trooper Did Ride
  212. He Left the Poor Widows A-Weeping
  213. The Wexford Tragedy
  214. What Shall I Do? My Love Is Going to Wed
  215. The Bold Val O’Hara
  216. Peely Cuit Bán
  217. Donocha Bán
  218. Ochone-O — Caoine or Keen
  219. Search the World Round
  220. Fead an Iolair — The Eagle’s Whistle
  221. The Leaves So Green
  222. Dún Do Shúile — Close Your Eyes
  223. O Lay Me in Killarney
  224. Cape Clear
  225. Plough Tune
  226. Caoine, Keen or Ullagone (Lament)
  227. A Nurse’s Lullaby
  228. The Canal Boat
  229. All Alone
  230. The Lark in the Morning
  231. Kitty Alone
  232. Cuisle Mo Chroidhe — Cushla Machree
  233. What Shall I Do if He Leaves Me?
  234. My Love She Is Living in Donegal Town
  235. Oh Erin, My Country
  236. Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded?
  237. My Name It Is Munhall
  238. Air Bhruach na Carraige Báine
  239. Oh Killarney, Lovely Lake
  240. Paddy’s Waltz — Song Tune
  241. Molly Hewson, My Jewel
  242. The Gammaho — Jig
  243. Hop Jig
  244. Molly Maguire — A Country Dance
  245. Peggy’s Wedding — A Country Dance
  246. Keshcorran
  247. Una Arúin — Dear Oona
  248. The Humours of Winnington
  249. Píce an t-Súgra
  250. An Cailin Ruadh
  251. Youghal Harbour
  252. Air
  253. Irish Hunting Song
  254. Plough Whistle
  255. An Giolla Gruamach
  256. Cupán Ui hEaghra

Old Irish Folk Music and Songs: A Collection of 842 Irish Airs and Songs Hitherto Unpublished, ed. Patrick Weston Joyce (Dublin: 1st ed. 1909)

Old Irish Folk Music and Songs is Joyce’s magnum opus in Irish music. It includes the melodies of songs (some with words in English) and a variety of dance tunes.  About half come from  Joyce’s musical memories of his childhood in rural Co Limerick during the years before the Great Famine. The remainder are drawn from the then unpublished music manuscripts of the collectors William Forde and John Edward Pigot, which had been given to Joyce by the Pigot family (see Nicholas Carolan, ‘The Forde-Pigot Collection of Irish Traditional Music’ in Treasures of the Royal Irish Academy Library, Bernadette Cunningham, Siobhán Fitzpatrick, Petra Schnabel eds, Dublin 2009, pp. 256–67).

NC, TH & JS, 18 February 2013 (401–500), 26 March 2013 (501–700)

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