The tinker’s poteen, song / Annie Hirrell, singing in English

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I was born a tinker and I'll tell you no lie
A tinker I've lived and a tinker I'll die
No don't get me wrong I carry no shame
The Lord made me a tinker and I'm proud of my name.

My father brewed poteen on Bessybrook Brae
When I was twelve to me he did say
Well son you're of age and it's plain to be seen
It's time that I taught you how to make the poteen.

Well he taught to me the trade and I learned well
I make the finest poteen any tinker could sell
And I use the same still that me da used before
Aye it's been in the family a hundred years or more.

Well I sold my poteen from Derry to Cork
From Donegal to Dublin and around by Mayo
Through the thirty-two counties I'm free to roam
The poteen's my living and the roadside's my home .

I married a tinker a colleen so fair
Her father and mother were tinkers from Clare
And to have me a son was my fondest dreams
I would love teaching him how to make the poteen.

I will teach him the trade of the tinker's poteen.

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The tinker’s poteen, song / Annie Hirrell, singing in English
ITMA Reference Number:649-NC-V8
Main Performer: Annie Hirrell
Title:The tinker's poteen [videorecording] / Annie Hirrell, singing in English
Subject:Ireland: Singing in English
Corporate Author:Inishowen Traditional Singers' Circle
Recording Location:McFeeley's Bar, Clonmany, Co Donegal
Recording Date:December 1999
Collection:Jimmy McBride Collection
Physical Description:1 computer file (MPEG-4, 3 min. 00 sec.) :digital, stereo
Copyright:Performer and Inishowen Traditional Singers' Circle

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