The summer of 1985, song / Tim Lyons, singing in English

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Well it’s rare I’m inspired or fired by poetic drive
But conditions this year of our lord nineteen eighty five
Have led me frustrated with hatred of this rain that we’ve had
For to write down on paper this caper that’s driving us mad.

Since the fifth of July the blue sky has never been seen
There’s all kinds of damps causing cramps arthritis and spleen
And farmers all day turning hay have been driven to stout
They run into a bar for a jar but they never run out.

And you’ll read in the papers bejaypers that nothing is right
And to add to the fright sure the potatoes have now got the blight
The slugs and the snails have grown tails both hairy and long
And they’re eating each cabbage and turnip as they slide along.

And the expert in weather who nightly appears on the screen
He points at the chart with his dart and his face turning green
As he mentions low pressures and measures the strength of the gale
For each storm is the norm forked lightening loud thunder and hail.

And in Europe abroad holy god alas and alack
There’s landslides and floods another quake ‘tis all the same craic
Snow blizzards abound around […] and Switzerland high
And call kinds of cats dogs and mice do descend from the sky.

And the people you meet in the street they’re sure to complain
Emigrating they shout we’re going to Morocco or Spain
They’re being driven astray by the spray of the constant rainfall
Even statues betimes in their shrines are being moved by it all.

So we’ll drink up one glass and of summer-blue skies we will speak
Of mention of days when the haze of the sun did you weak
Next year will be bright sure the light will blind you for life
And we’ll forget that bad summer that we suffered in nineteen eighty five.

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The summer of 1985, song / Tim Lyons, singing in English
ITMA Reference Number:684-NC-V8
Main Performer: Tim Lyons
Title:The summer of 1985 [videorecording] / Tim Lyons, singing in English
Subject:Ireland: Singing in English
Corporate Author:Inishowen Traditional Singers' Circle
Recording Location:Ballyliffin Hotel, Ballyliffin, Co Donegal
Recording Date:27 March 1999
Collection:Jimmy McBride Collection
Physical Description:1 computer file (MPEG-4, 5 min. 48 sec.) :digital, stereo
Copyright:Performer and Inishowen Traditional Singers' Circle

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